A journalist condemns his father and uncle’s sexual abuse live

Argentina is left speechless after Juan Pedro Ellert’s testimony, The journalist has condemned the news broadcast on Channel 3, which he presents, Since childhood, she and her brothers faced sexual abuse from their father and uncle, “You know me. I have been working in media for 18 years. I have told many stories and this is the first time that I am going to tell my stories. Last year I had complained of domestic violence against my father. My father has been abusive in every way, physically, mentally and emotionally.“, he starts singing.

The communicator reveals that His father, being HIV positive, sexually abused his sister since she was three years old, “This has frightened all my family members. My father, in addition to being violent, sexually abused my sister from the age of three because she was HIV positive. That is, my father had his own daughter suffering from AIDS since the age of three.”

The incident came to the court following a complaint filed by the sister, who had made several suicide attempts. The journalist testified as a witness, however, unfortunately, it was to no avail after his father took his own life after receiving the demand., “I know from him that on several occasions he had thought about taking his life. My father was informed about this criminal complaint three weeks ago. I was traveling and not wanting to face what he had done, he decided to take his life. “He decided to commit suicide.”

“It’s only part of the story”

This is not all, The journalist has also mentioned the personal troubles that both he and his brother had to face., “But as if that wasn’t enough, there’s more. “It’s only part of the story.” His uncle, whom he considered his father, took advantage of his “extreme insecurity” and sexually abused him. “An uncle whom I trusted, who played the role of a father figure to me in many situations. The man took advantage of the context of extreme vulnerability I was in and sexually exploited me and my brother. Since the age of six.”

Juan Pedro reported these events to an Argentine court, but it was too late as what happened had already been lost due to the passage of time., “The two judges at first and second instance told me that everything I said is credible and proven, but it is time-barred.” And so the person who abused me is free.” in conclusion, The journalist thanked the “love and friendship” of those who have supported him through this difficult process, “Life is wonderful, but it can also be very cruel. In both situations you will have to have a lot of attitude. Thank you very much for listening to me and let’s continue. “Life goes on,” he assured before going into commercial.

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