A match that could lead to the Ballon d’Or… and a special guest

“This is a fight between Vinicius and Bellingham. Let’s see what happens in the final.”let them fall Carlo Anchelotti before their players jump onto the field Wembley dispute a match that will paralyze the world of football. And the importance of the ending Champions League It’s so big thatThe performances of each football player will be observed under a magnifying glass. simply because this is the match that everyone will see on TV… and this match will serve to mark the path that will eventually close Eurocup and America’s Cup.. There, real Madrid he is “destined” to paint the trophy white after the season signed by the Italian’s men.

Real Madrid media day: Vini’s secret for the final, Florentino’s mission and Lucas’ phrase “you cut my thread”

There are two football players who manage bookmakers that analyze the current situation Races for the Ballon d’Or: Vinicius Jr and Jude Bellingham. It’s almost the perfect picture they’ve painted all season. This puts them in a position that Toni Kroos “joined” at the last minute. German midfielder He wants to give his last dance for Real Madrid having achieved the goal he set at parting: resign, showing the world your best football. A promise that he wants to fulfill before the last game and which has the public now asking for football’s highest honor to belong to them on an individual level.. For his impeccable career and for a season in which he performed at an excellent level. Because a special “guest” in the fight for the Ballon d’Or He joined this list not to put the cherry on top of his career cake, but because His performances will allow him to dream of an award that never mattered to him..

Final at Wembley… and a “separate” fight

“For us this is not the most important thing. If we win the Champions League, several Madrid players will be able to win it.“Ancelotti explains when asked about real possibilities of the German G8. The Italian coach knows that his team’s good performance will allow them to have several players in the final list… and that great candidate – Vinicius Junior. His 2024 will be impressive, making a difference in big matches and demonstrating rarely seen dominance: “What he contributed in this semi-final is something very few players can achieve.“Carlo explained after the battle with Bavaria which served for bringing him closer than ever to what the best player in the world should create..

“I am signing a contract for Tony to win the final, the Copa America and the Ballon d’Or because this is his last season. He understands that we are saddened by his decision.”says the Brazilian star better understand what Ancelotti has tried so many times to explain about Real Madrid’s ego-free dressing room. Perhaps the least common part in the world of football, it was so important for a white club to be one game away from achieving Fifteenth. “We have very few egos and that is a very important aspect of this team. Ego is not bad, but individuality must be distinguished.“, says the technician. And if you ask Vini, he will tell you that the winner should be Jude… and if you ask Jude, he will tell you that the Brazilian is the best.. A dressing room that looks perfect for the Wembley final. And then the battle will be “separate”.

This match will be a reward for the Ballon d’Or, but it will not be the only event. this remains until childbirth. Eurocup and America’s Cup. there will be two other scenarios where The three main characters of this story must compete, this time separately, so that the prize falls into their hands. Vinicius will lead Brazil, which will have to face the reigning world champions to achieve success. a title they haven’t won since 2019… and that Messi’s team beat them in the final in 2021. In England all eyes will be on Jude Bellingham, who, despite his youth, He will have to drive the car of a young but experienced team… and which has long dreamed of touching the sky again.. For Krooswho wanted to register at the last minute for an event held at home, this is the perfect opportunity to win the only title he is missing. Unique scenarios for three, and let the ball decide who deserves it more.

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