A mess in the ABA League! Red Star player Stefan Lazarevic accused Partizan striker James Nunnally of attack | Relief

Unprecedented controversy in the ABA League between the two main Serbian teams. Stephen Red Star player Lazarević reported physical attack by Partizan player James Nunnally. The incident, which could have occurred this Sunday morning, just hours before the third leg of the league final, which will take place at the Belgrade Arena, was strongly condemned in a statement by the team coached by Ioannis Sfairopoulos. A few hours later, he received a response via Instagram from Partizan, confirming that the person who started it all was Lazarevich. All this after the leak of a video of the fight, which, according to the club’s coach Zeljko Obradovic, was deliberately falsified.

As Red Star publicly stated, Lazarević suffered “serious injuries after being physically attacked by Partizan player James Nunnally.” The events date back to early Sunday morning.shortly before Red Star began training ahead of the third match of the ABA League Final between both teams.

Actually, The Serbian club included several images of the player’s face after Nunnally’s alleged attack. An incident that had already been brought to the attention of the authorities and after which Partizan spoke out… But just a few hours later and via Instagram, a video of the fight was leaked, which, according to Zeljko Obradovic’s club, was “deliberately edited.” Indeed, having learned about what happened, the editors contacted the press service of the Partizan CC to try to find out their version of what happened, but there has been no response yet.

The story is that, according to Red Star, This aggression will be preceded by a gaming incident in the second match of the series between them., which was not sanctioned by the judges. According to the red and white club, “one of these details is the hit and choke of James Nunnally in the second match against Stefan Lazarevic.”

In the same way, Estrella Roja assures that she “urgently submitted a disciplinary report to the authorities.” the competent authorities of the ABA League, sports director Comd Milia Voinovich, as well as the disciplinary judge and other league bodies.

In addition to the statement that “due to the severity of the damage, The Ministry of Internal Affairs is currently accepting applications and conducting an investigation.“, but they also hope that “the judicial and judicial authorities will do this, since according to the Serbian Criminal Code, this act is considered to cause grievous bodily harm.”

Considering this, Red Star asks competitors to “respond immediately” and “disqualify and temporarily suspend Nunnally from the competition.”. And, in addition, they assure that if this is not done, “the match cannot and will not be fair, and the safety of the match and all its participants cannot be guaranteed.”

However, Partizan assures that what happened did not happen as Crvena Zvezda reported. “KK Partizan Mozart Bet regrets the incident that occurred today in the corridor of the Belgrade Arena and asks the competent authorities to urgently establish all the facts,” the statement begins, saying that “Nunnally was the first to be attacked by Stefan Lazarevic.who grabbed him by the neck, after which the Partizan player retaliated, as can be seen in the full video from surveillance cameras.”

This statement was made after a video clip from the Belgrade Arena CCTV cameras was leaked to the press through the Serbian media. Telegraph. Although, according to Partizan, “the only record that can confirm this is not complete, since the period from 11:01:28 to 11:02:32 is missing,” so The club asks to involve competent services “to return the deleted entry and establish who deleted it!” “We ask that the person who filmed the video be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

Actually, Guerrilla says that as soon as they receive the full images, they will publish them, as this will “wash away the stain on James Nunnally’s name.”which was tainted by Red Star’s statement. They also criticized the fact that “as a curiosity, the sports director of Red Star Milan Dozdet, after the incident, suggested that Partizan representatives forget everything and delete the recordings.”, something that they would have rejected.

The reality is that this dispute is not the first in which Partizan is involved. Just remember a noisy struggle last season during the Euroleague playoffs with Real Madrid. A fight in which Gershon Yabusele detained then Partizan player Dante Exum, for which the Frenchman was disqualified for five games, and other players from the white team and Partizan were also punished.

In fact, based on what happened, Yabusele did not hesitate to tweet about it.. A fairly direct hint in which he assured that “at least now they will stop sending SMS about the fight,” referring to the fact that “Partizan” still remembers what happened.

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