A new mysterious game has already leaked online and will be available for free on the Epic Games Store in a week.

Hot? That’s because Marvel’s Midnight Suns is now coming to the Epic Games Store as part of its free play promotion on the digital store. A well-known leaker claims to have discovered that this is the chosen game.

The Epic Games Store and its free games have given us some strong releases in recent days, including premieres like Dragon Age Inquisition, Farming Simulator 22 and Chivalry 2. Which of these mystery games will be released last?

Well, the truth is that Billbil-kun, a well-known insider who always gets his leaks right, revealed that Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a mystery game that the Epic Games Store will give away next week.

Although it has not yet been made public, this insider’s solid track record makes many trust his information. We’ll have to wait until next week to confirm this, although that’s not the only information revealed.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns given away?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has never been released on PC before. According to the leader, The game will be available for free in the standard version from June 6 to June 13, starting at 17:00. (local time). As we say, we will not miss a single detail after the official confirmation.

If you didn’t know Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you should know that it is a game developed by creators of the XCOM saga which combines the superheroes of the house of ideas with the tactical strategy that we already know from past works.

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you step into the role of the Hunter and along with him you will have to fight hand to hand with Blade or Wolverine to found the Midnight Suns while facing the demonic hordes of Lilith and Chthon. Wide list of characters available.

The truth is that the game didn’t catch on at the time, but we have always recommended it as a distinctive offering in the world of “super”. Its gameplay and storytelling are more engaging than you’d expect. Here’s how we assessed it at the time:

The Firaxis experience fits perfectly into the Marvel universe, offering us a complete, spectacular and interesting adventure. Even if you don’t use this strategy often, it’s worth a try.

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