A pharmacist warns about the barbarities that many people commit after drinking alcohol

At the Joaquin Jordan Pharmacy with Joaquin At the top he warned about what many people do after drinking alcohol andThis is due to medications. Because there is more being done than meets the eye, and it has become so normal that it seems like a process that cannot be missed.

First, her partner brought into context that “BBC season“, that is, weddings, baptisms and communions. Then he asked the big question: “What do you think about taking medications like ibuprofen or post-alcohol paracetamol?”

And he immediately jumps up: “Never!” He gave very important advice: “Any drug you want, lasts five half-lives in the bodybut if we take it with alcohol, its half-life is two hours.”

That is, he explained that since the last dose it has been present in the body for about ten hours. “If at a wedding, baptism or communion you are there from three o’clock in the afternoon to eight, then at eight o’clock in the evening you will have to count eight hours,” he said, adding thatYou should not drink anything before six in the morning. paracetamol or ibuprofen.

“This is a mistake,” he repeated, adding that the best option would be vitamin B, which speeds up metabolism. “10 hours since last drink”finished.

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