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Google has decided to change the direction of its artificial intelligence services and has also changed its name from Bard to Gemini, which is already present in Spain, although for now unofficially. Despite this, it’s no secret that Google is going to make a big bet on this technology.

A good proof of this is the growing integration of this AI into its own applications, which has already been seen in Gmail, Google Docs or Google Sheets, and everything indicates that we will soon see this on other platforms of the brand. The latest two to join this trend are Keep and Messages.

These are the company’s note-taking and messaging apps, as well as both receive news related to Geminiyes, in beta version. In both cases, they are related to writing, as it is one of the greatest abilities of artificial intelligence.

Gemini comes to Messages and Keep

The American company is making numerous changes to some of its platforms, aiming to make them smarter thanks to Gemini. Keep, the company’s note-taking app, has launched a feature that appears as a drop-down icon called “Help me create a note.”

It delivers what it promises because, thanks to generative AI, you might be asked to help make a list things to take on a trip, monthly purchases or necessary supplies before a trip. Depending on what each person writes, the app will display different items in the list, and the more details provided, the better the list will be.

Gemini in Google Keep


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Gemini comes to Messages differently as the chatbot will be accessed through a conversation with it. Here you will be prompted to edit the message you wrote. until you create an image, and all indications are that it won’t require a paid Google subscription. Of course, requests and information will be deleted after a period of up to 36 months, depending on what the user chooses.

In both cases, these are the first approaches available only in English, and we will have to wait to see them in Spanish. Logically, it is strongly recommended not to include sensitive information in a text field accessible by AI, since it could be viewed by humans.

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