a revolutionary gadget that translates and can be taken with you anywhere

Speaking multiple languages ​​is important both professionally and personally as it allows you to interact with people from other countries. However, not all of them are easy to learn; some are more difficult than others. Technology has become a great ally to make studying easier and even forget about studying, thanks to inventions such as headphones that instantly translate any conversation, or the ingenious Xiaomi device. There are even new gadget that translates and can be carried everywhere.

Timekettle, a translation solutions company, introduced its new interpreter X1 Interpreter Hub at CES 2024 (Consumer Electronics Show), one of the main technology exhibitions in the world, which takes place in Las Vegas, USA. A compact device that you can take anywhere and boasts of being the first multi-language simultaneous translation system to improve business communication efficiency, like Online How offline.

This is a handheld device with artificial intelligence (AI), screen, speakers and wireless headphones which has “powerful features for multilingual communication, overcoming language barriers and developing global connections,” as detailed on the company’s website. X1 Interpreter Hub is designed specifically for business meetings, voice calls and training sessions where fluent translation into multiple languages ​​is required.

This is the X1 Interpreter Hub, a gadget that instantly translates conversations.

The X1 Interpreter Hub costs $699.99 (about €638 at the exchange rate) and has some cool features beyond instant word-for-word translation. The first is that it is easy to use as it is activated with one action and offers multi-directional translation, allowing 20 people to participate in a conversation in five languages. This device also offers voice calls using unique digital numbers and connects to another device with one touch.

it’s the same capable of instantly translating 40 languages ​​online and 13 when there is no connection. It even has several modes of use. The first one is for conversations between two people. Here, users share the headphones that come with the device to start talking and listen to each other’s translation. Another mode allows voice calls with real-time translation, making it ideal for international communication in conference rooms.

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On the other hand, X1 Interpreter Hub has a mode in which, simply by putting on headphones, the user can listen to all the translations during work meetings, classes or speeches; and even with a modality in which wireless headphones are not used. In the latter case, it is enough to talk directly with the interlocutor to speaker gadget reproduce translation.

“Our vision sets us apart from other companies in the market as our differentiation is centered on product design and development direction. We strive to create the best communication solutions that address real-world use cases and encourage active interaction across languages. communicate, we give people an unprecedented experience of immersing yourself in their lives“,” Leal Tian, ​​CEO of Timekettle, said in a statement.

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