A sound that, without a doubt, demonstrates what Xavi Hernandez said on camera in the match against Villarreal.

Javi Hernandez was recorded saying “shame, shame” to DAZN cameras after referee Munuera Montero decided to overturn a penalty in favor of Barcelona after consulting the VAR monitor at the request of Jaime Latre.

The referee overturned a penalty due to Comesaña’s alleged handball when the score was 3-3 in a match that Barcelona lost to Villarreal 3–5..

“The ball hits Comesaña’s elbow, but the Villarreal player keeps his arm close to his body so the video referee sees him clearly,” commented Perez Burrul on Radio MARCA’s “Marcador” program.

The sound of Xavi Hernandez’s anger in the match against Villarreal: “Shame”

DAZN aired a new version of the video in which Javi Hernandez can be heard saying directly to the camera: “Shame, shame.”.

There will be no sanctions or complaints against Javi Hernandez for his “disgrace” in front of the DAZN camera.

Javi’s words on camera DAZN They will not have any sanctions or complaints from the Technical Committee of the Competition Judges..

The VAR cannot interfere with such actions during the match. It’s not legitimized. This is not something that happens on the playing field and therefore does not involve video refereeing from the VOR room.

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