A spectacular «Tomb Raider» with Angelina Jolie

Fabulous Angelina Jolie with “her” Lara Croft, the virtual heroine always beloved by videogame enthusiasts brought in 2001 for the first time in cinemas with the film tomb Raider directed by Simon West.

This adventure feature film – broadcast tonight at 9:25 pm on Nove -, defined as the first successful blockbuster based on a video game, stars Angelina Jolie / Lara Croft, a young English heiress, photojournalist by profession, but actually a talented archaeologist and predator. of tombs. In the cast Manfred Powell, Daniel Craig and Jon Voight (father of Angelina Jolie), in the role of Lord Richard Croft.

We are in England. Archaeologist Lara Croft lives in her castle with butler Hillary and engineer Bryce. While undergoing extreme physical training she cannot distract herself from her sad recurrence which brings back her childhood memories of her with her father, who told her about her studies.

In Venice, however, the chief members of the Illuminati secret society fear that they will not be able to retrieve in time a key that allows access to the two halves of an ancient artifact: the triangle of light whose power can only be released if assembled in the course of the last phase of a total solar eclipse.

Lara is awakened by the ticking of an ancient clock hidden in a secret room: it is the case of an unknown find … From here her adventure begins to unravel, leading her into extraordinary exotic territories between action sequences and sophisticated special effects.

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