A sports medicine service available to the Sports Federations of Bizkaia

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ASFEDEBI-CUSTOM: A SPORTS MEDICINE service available to the Sports Federations of Bizkaia | The ASFEDEBI podcast

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In this new section dedicated to ‘ASFEDEBI: The other face of sport / Kirolaren beste aldea’ we approach the Sports medicine. We spoke with Iñaki Erdoizaresponsible for CUSTOM4 Medical Center, a company that provides sports medicine services to the Bizkaia Association of Sports Federations and performs around 6,000 sports-medical examinations per year. In the period 2000-2022, more than 120,000 medical check-ups endorse them.

How to contact

Address: Martin Barua Picaza nº 27. 48003 Bilbao (KIROL ETXEA)

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 944 41 09 04

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