A statue similar to an effigy of Shakira was built in Colombia

The inhabitants of Barranquilla, the city of Cotières in Colombia, retain a new motif of fire. An effigy statue of Shakira, the world famous pop star, was recently released. This realization Honore L’Artiste qui a Toujours Vendiqué a Vec Love ses racines colombiaennes. Shakira, born in Barranquilla, received the name from a very early age.

Continue to bring to life the unfathomable talent and symbolic dance of the Ventra, she becomes an ineffable figure in international music. Tubes like “Hips Don’t Lie” or “Waka Waka” are prized all over the world and loved by millions of fans. It is important to celebrate this girl of the country in that the municipality of Barranquilla decided to erect a statue. This is a 5 meter tall work of art created by Colombian plastic artist Diela Toro. Placed on the city’s most popular avenue, Cirkunvalar Avenue, the statue depicts Shakira in a dynamic pose, microphone on top, ready to captivate your audience. This is not a premiere because Shakira is a celebrity in her hometown.

In 2006, another statue of the artist was installed at the entrance to the city. But this new work has a strong symbolic meaning. She reached out to everyone who had overcome obstacles to shine on the international stage and contribute to the illumination of the city and its son. Reactions to the statue’s unveiling have varied. Some residents and admirers of the singer admire this homage, tandis que d’autres expriment des préoccupations sur le coût de l’œuvre et les Priorités de la ville.

Despite the criticism, the presence of this statue in Barranquilla is a rise in the importance of art and culture within the framework of identifying and celebrating successful figures. Quant à Shakira, son of a continuing story, with hauts des hauts et des bas, comome chacun. In addition, the statue in Colombia is a negated sign of an indelible son in the field of culture and music, and a time of love that is ported by the son of his native country.

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