A test of ingenuity for Malaga across the Channel

Malaga returns to Ceuta 20 years and three months after the cup match against the Ceuta Sports Association.. Malaga won 0-1 thanks to a goal from Salva Ballesta in extra time. Not forgetting that three years earlier the Ceuta team won with a score of 3:2. This team disappeared and the current football club Agrupación Deportiva Ceuta inherited the history of Atlético Ceuta, which played 16 times with the also disbanded Deportivo Malaga club, which faced another version of Ceuta in the second division (in the 1980–81 season). which defeated the blue and white with a score of 2:0.

Of course, the circumstances are different. This Ceuta brought back the fervor of its fans. A year ago he was 14 points away from salvation. But under the wise leadership of José Juan Romero, he made the impossible possible and accomplished an incredible feat.. Now his 25 points are not enough as his aspirations are different from the travails of last season’s heroics.

Recent training in Ceuta.AD Ceuta

Ceuta went five games without a win, while Malaga went eight games without defeat.uh (their only defeat was on the first day against Castellon). The match is important not only for the blue and white team, so as not to lose the flow of the group leaders, Castellon and Ibiza, but also for Ceuta, which is as close as possible to the playoff zone and could get into trouble. This category offers no respite.

Juande and Juanpe. two are recovering from injuries.Mariano Pozo

Jose Juan Romero is known as “Guerena’s Guardiola”.. This is his hometown, where he is an idol and a coach who knows how to extract oil where there is none. With this appointment, he will not be able to count on one of his best employees, Doncel, who received sanctions for accumulating warnings. Dani Romera, Pablo, Christian Lopez and Fran Rodriguez will also not be present.

Jose Juan Romero with Jota.@ADCeuta_FC

For its part, Malaga will have fans to support it, about 200 people at the Muruba, which will be full. Sergio Pellicer will not be able to count on Kevin, who was injured in the Cup against Real Madrid. Not with Genaro, who must serve his punishment in the third match after the fight with Algeciras. Sergio Pellicer joins the ranks of medical players such as Juan Hernandez, Juande, Nelson Monte, as well as Sangalli, Manu Molina and Victor Garcia, who played in the cup match against the San Sebastian team. He is gradually recovering from his injuries.

Sergio Pellicer gives instructions to his players.Mariano Pozo

But Malaga is making every effort to sign the two players it believes will improve the two positions it has most weakened. We need a winger and a productive center forward.. The market is limited and you will have to use your imagination to cover these two desirable locations. In short, it’s a stunning match for the Malaga team, which will be accompanied by almost 200 fans in a stadium that is and will be packed.

Likely lineups

AD Ceuta; 1-Pedro Lopez; Aysar, 4 – Capa, 20 – Dane, 16 – Carlos Redru; 8-Melendez, 12-Uche, 21-Jota; 23 – Sito Gonzalez, 17 – Alain Garcia; and 22-Cedric. Substitutes. 13. Tomas Mejias, 3 – Alex Macias, 5 – Lolo, 6 – Keigo, 10 – Fran Carnicer, 14 – Julio Iglesias and 30 – Sofian.

Malaga: 1-Alfonso Herrero; 2 – Yokin Gabilondo, 15 – Moussa, 4 – Einar Galilea, 14 – Victor Garcia; 12 – Manu Molina, 23 – Sangalli; 7 – Dioni, 22 – Dani Lorenzo, 26 – Antonito Cordero; and 19-Roberto. Substitutes. 13 – Carlos Lopez, 3. Bilal, 5 – Juande, 8 – Juanpe, 10 – Larrubia, 18 – Dani Sanchez, 20 – Nelson Monte, 21 – Juan Hernandez, 25 – Murillo, 29 – Izan Merino and 35 – Aaron Ochoa.

Referee: Jorge Tarraga Lara (Castile-La Mancha)

Incidents: Alfonso Murube. 12:00 (FEFTV).

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