A wake-up call for Hercules, who lost the match against Espanyol B and were left alone as leaders.

SAN ADRIA DE BES. If even then there were few who believed that everything was done after the winter championship, then now there are even fewer of them.

He Hercules lost this Sunday with a score of two: nil in his first match of the second round Espanyol B and sole leadership in relation to Lleidawho had accumulated three days without a win, but an hour before was able to add a point against La Nucia.

Despite the fact that by the break the team left with a partial victory, we can say that the team Ruben Torrecilla punched on all levels in his look at the second team “Perico”: with a double Omar Sadiq At the beginning of the second half, in two games in which the blue and white defense was evident (this Sunday in red), Espanyol B neutralized the goal Ketu At the 10th minute. The impact, accompanied by the skill and noticeable intensity that to a certain extent (especially in the action of the goal with which the collision was put in their face) Hercules demonstrated in the first half, there was not the slightest trace in the second, mainly in the two games in which the Moroccan forward Sadiq scored a double, with which he turned the score around and reciprocated the trust of his coach Manolo Gonzalez (who let him in during the break).

Development of avoidance in Sant Adria de Besos forced Torresilla’s team through the break and consolidated their lead with a three-point lead over second thanks to a partial victory and a final draw for Lleida at home La Nuciato see the Ilerdens level them on 36 points and overtake them in the table on overall goal difference (a particular moment momentarily won by Hercules, waiting to see what happens on the final day).

from Dani Jarquet Sports City It is the fourth defeat of the league season (the first on natural grass) for Hercules, who miss out on top spot for the third time in 18 days a week after clinching it.

With the same rate as the last four days

Torrecilla bet on Dani Jarquet Sports City according to the same system and eleven of the last four days (extreme ‘Richie’ Dapaa It was a last-minute call-up of 19 players; he dropped out due to a respiratory virus). Already famous 1-4-3-3 asymmetrical, with From Nava And Artiles interiors ahead Mangadacare “Samu” Vasquez the entire right lane, the setting is implemented Carlos Abad at the gate; accompanied by the defense formed by the aforementioned “Samu”, Nolan, Jose Ma And Candles; Mangada, Colomina and Artiles in the engine room; and De la Nava, Mendez and Ketu like an offensive trident, with the help of which Hercules scored 10 out of 12 points.

Connection Badalona and three victories over Manresa, Pena Independent And Lleida These were the results obtained in the matches in which he faced these eleven, fights in which the blue and white found it difficult to see a goal, unlike this Sunday, since it was in the 10th minute that they took the lead on the scoreboard. They did this through Ketu, who punished loss Catalan at the beginning of the ball to hit Fortuno from hand to hand. It was the fourth goal of the season for the Cameroonian, who opened his scoring account in the match against Espanyol B on the very first day.

The Parrots, with a system of three central defenders, two wingers and two players from the eleven, were in charge on Saturday Luis Miguel Ramis V Ferrol with the first team, side Ian Fornes and midfielder Roger Martinez (Unfortunately for Hercules, a third player, Sadiq, was playing in the second half), they quickly tried to restore the tie with two strikes from Martinez. Carlos Abad responded well in both actions but not so much in one just before the half hour, a ball from Xavi Hernandez behind Nolan looking for Rock, who luckily failed to take advantage of the goalkeeper’s late introduction. Hercules.

In the first act, Espanyol B had more possession of the ball than Torrecilla’s team, but, with the exception of this game, the shot was deflected Javi Hernandez and a poor header from the Perico midfielder did not jeopardize the partial victory for Hercules at half-time, who, yes, would have only had a chance to extend their lead through a poorly finished central from Samu De la Nava.

Now, having walked through the locker room, everything changed, very quickly and for the worse.

Defensive triumph and return of Espanyol B

While Torrecilla did not touch anything, Manolo Gonzalez, coach of Espanyol B, broke through the crowded defense with an exit Fennel And Sadik To Ian Fornes And Gorkhon. It was the Moroccan striker who was to be the key to his side taking control of the scoreboard, scoring two goals in just six minutes from 51 to 57. His success, as well as Hercules’ lack of defensive intensity, played a key role in the double victory over Abad. First, Gori struck from the side with a free kick, and then Xavi Hernandez crossed. If in the first action De la Nava lost Sadiq’s aim, in the second Mangada and Josema floated too close to the attacker, giving him time and space to move around the area.

Miguel Marie, “Alvarito” and Coscia

With the score in our favor and, judging by the development of the match, later than expected, Torrecilla began to move the bench. He did this for the first time in the 20th minute, causing Miguel Marie (who debuted with Hercules)Alvarito And Koscia (to the detriment of Mangada, De la Nava and Artiles), giving his team to play with 1-4-4-2: Colomina and Marie formed in the engine room, the wings were behind Alvarito and Ketu, and Mendez and Ketu were in front.

From the very beginning nothing changed, to the point that he came very close to scoring the third goal and deciding the match for Espanyol B in advance: Carlos Abad avoided this by thwarting Sadiq’s counter-attack with Kenneth, another opponent who I saw the first half on the field. shop. . Now, in the final segment (there were four long minutes of addition), already with Javi Moreno (another debutante) and ‘Nico’ Espinosa On the field, Hercules was able to find reward in the strikes of Koshka and Colomina. If he had achieved this, it might not have been fair, but he would have held the lead single-handedly.

Data sheet:

2 – RKD Espanyol B: Fortuno, Paul
Casadesus, Gorkhon (Omar Sadiq, min. 46), Alejandro Perez, Roger Martinez (Jury, min. 77), Anthony Stone (Carvalho, min. 71), ‘Burn’ (Kenneth, min. 71), Javi Hernandez, Catalan, Ian Fornes (Fennel, min. 46) and Bauza.

1 – Hercules CF: Carlos Abad, Nolan, Candles, Jose Ma, Roger Colomina, Artiles (Miguel Marie, min. 69),
Samu Vasquez (Javi Moreno, min. 90), Mendez, Carlos Mangada (Koscia, min. 69), Ketu (“Nico Espinosa, min. 79), From Nava (‘Alvarito’, min. 69).

Goals: 0-1, min. 10: Ketu; 1-1, min. 51: Lobster Sadik; 2-1, min. 57: Lobster Sadik.

Arbitration: hand Manuel Ramirez Marco showed yellow color Roger Martinez for him Espanyol B already Candles, Samu Vasquez And ‘Nico’ Espinosa for him Hercules.

Incidents: match corresponding to the 18th round in group 3 Second Federation disputed in Ciutat Esportiva Dani Jarque in front of approximately 500 spectators, fifty of whom were fans Hercules.

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