a watch that looks like it’s from Apple and blows its technology away

Parfois has one of the best digital clock With technologies from acute cardiovascular disease in all feelings it does it idyllic ally day by day V two various colors. He Smart watch With belt from silicone too similar to Apple Watch SE smartwatch (2023).

They are available in Jerez de la Frontera in the rest Spain and him technologies further extreme hypnotizes V party context. These are all the important details of these accessories. from Parfois and Apple, which leave no one indifferent.

APPLE Watch SE (2023) from Media Markt
APPLE Watch SE (2023) from Media Markt

Parfois smart watch with silicone strap

The Parfois smartwatch with silicone strap is great in every way. This is a smart watch with a silicone bracelet. as comfortable, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing as possible. This is a watch that is truly compatible with Android 6.0 and iOS 9.0 (or higher). The most competent miracle that doesn’t disappoint.

These watches are aesthetically pleasing but extremely technologically advanced. Works with the app Very fit, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The battery life is approximately 7 days, so it is completely self-contained and you will not have to constantly depend on the charge.

Parfois smart watch with silicone strap
Parfois smart watch with silicone strap

Moreover, this smartwatch has an endless number of features comparable to any other high-end models, such as sleep monitoring. heart rate measurement and even menstrual cycle monitoring. For an ideal home, at the home automation level, you can consider connectivity with devices. Alexa.

As if that weren’t enough, it also has tools that will make everyday life more convenient. comfortable and tolerable, as is usually the case with an alarm clock, Bluetooth for calls or music control on mobile phone. A watch that also contains information and data about the weather and more. 60 modes control training. It costs approx. 75.99 euros.

Parfois smart watch with silicone strap
Parfois smart watch with silicone strap

Main characteristics of Parfois smart watch with silicone strap

  • Glass: 100% Glass
  • Housing: 50% acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, 50% polycarbonate.
  • Bracelet: 100% silicone.
  • Cover: 50% acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, 50% polycarbonate.
  • Strap cm: 13.31 x 3.88 (LxW)
  • Box thickness cm: 1.38
  • Waterproof: No

Smartwatch Apple Watch SE (2023) from Media Markt

Go to the side technological It’s easy, leaving aside traditional watch. Media Markt decided below One of the star models of 2023, Apple Watch SE is equipped with innovative health and safety features that are of greatest concern to a significant portion of the population.

APPLE Watch SE (2023) from Media Markt
APPLE Watch SE (2023) from Media Markt

This Apple smartwatch model allows you to connect to mobile be able to control it from telephone, from receiving calls to sending messages. In addition, for those families where not everyone has iPhonebut yes, fromApple Watchthey can connect watches thanks to the family configuration.

Features of Apple Watch SE (2023)

  • Housing material: Aluminum.
  • Case size: 40 mm.
  • Watch strap material: silicone.
  • Watch Band Size: Size S/M.
  • Width: 4.0 cm.
  • Height: 3.4 cm.
  • Depth: 1.07 cm.
  • Weight: 0.03 kg.
  • Autonomy: 18 hours.
  • Heart rate sensor: yes.
  • Wi-Fi: yes.
  • Bluetooth: yes.
  • Operating system: WatchOS.

Bag in Jerez de la Frontera

A Watch wear during the day winter for the price of a heart attack. Moreover, if the customer were interested in this luxury accessory, he would only need to fill in the relevant information on the Parfois web portal and the company’s own logistics would send him to Jerez de la Frontera or any other location in Spain. If you prefer physical shopping, you can visit the company’s street level stores.

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