A young man learns that he has been declared dead and the ashes are given to his parents

A few weeks later a 23-year-old man was found alive declare him deadEven after getting his family urn with his ashes and a death certificate, The events occurred in Oregon, usa,

tyler chase Was was declared dead from an overdose Drugs After the completion stay in rehabilitation programs According to the ‘Daily Mail’, for several months. The young man lived on the streets due to his addictions and was not in contact with his family for years.

However, when the young man learned that his food assistance benefits They were not active because he was supposedly “dead”. That’s when he went to the Department of Human Services for help and officials demanded to see his identification because records showed the young man had died.

Chase says, “They said, ‘Can we see your ID?’ So I gave it to him.” “Then they were just as confused as I was and said to me: ‘It says right here that you’re dead,'” he adds.

Chase learns that his family has found a death certificate and even an urn of his ashes. After investigation it was found out what had happened.

That’s how he found out what happened

investigation revealed that they stole his wallet at a rehabilitation center in Portland, which included some documents that identified him. The robber died and was misidentified as Tyler Chase he took his document,

“We deeply regret that the misidentification occurred,” a county spokesperson said in a statement. “The mistaken identity occurred because the deceased had Tyler Chase and his wallet Temporary Official Driver’s License Of Oregon,” he explained.

The statement concluded, “Moving forward, all people found with a state-issued temporary ID will also be required to submit their fingerprints for positive identification, to ensure this does not happen again.” yes.”

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