Aadhaar Law: The ruling party agreed on new changes in labor reform and will have a vote in the deputies tomorrow

Representatives of We Form the Federal Coalition

a new day with long meetings between representatives of the ruling party and Dialogue Blocks (PRO, UCR, HESMOS and Federal Innovation) Concluded after 7 pm with principle of agreement on two chapters of base law This brought the conversation to a halt: labor reform And this Tobacco tax.

it thursday 12 o’clock see you a Plenary meeting of commissions To rule on the draft law bases of general legislation, budget and constitutional matters and at 16 will proceed to analyze tax package. The government is sticking to its ambitious programme: it hopes to be able to tackle both projects On campus between Monday and Tuesday Of next week. This will give the Senate enough time to give it final approval before the agreed date of May 25 to sign an agreement on state policies with the provinces and the opposition.

Although talks seemed to be back on track last night Statements of Miguel Angel Pichetto This morning he issued a series of proposals and threats that have created tension in the final stages of the process.

The chairman of the We Make Federal coalition bloc criticized the government for attempting to include a multi-point labor reform, broadly similar to that of the DNU (that chapter had been suspended by Justice). According to his proposal, The consensus that existed was very limitedBasically on three points: trial period, severance funds and fines for unregistered work.

In that sense, Pichetto He threatened not to vote at all of the package, mainly due to disagreement on some points direct conflict with federalism, For example, abolition of solidarity fees That unions essentially charge non-members through collective agreements.

He basic principles He interpreted that the ruling party and the Pichetto Bloc were seeking to keep labor reform out of the Base Law altogether and threatened to dismiss the board. ,Without labor reforms, don’t trust us for Aadhar Law“, threatened a leader of the radical faction after a series of unsuccessful meetings in the office of Chamber of Deputies head Martin Menem.

This quote was added later SupporterHe woke up from a meeting (As the bench pointed out) because the government, UCR and Hesmos did not agree on the labor chapter. “The PRO cannot continue to support the government if neither representatives of the LLA nor the President of the Chamber are sitting at the negotiating table. We can’t help if they don’t listen and communicate radicalization“, They told infobae From the bench led by Cristian Ritondo.

However, one of the dialogue factions refuted that version and assured PRO left the meeting because he rejected the inclusion of the chapter on tobacco taxesWhich is equal to the payment of all the companies.

Similarly, both PRO and Hacemos downplayed the UCR’s threat to vote against the entire Base Law. ,He said this in a very threatening tone which did not scare anyone.“, said a representative present there sarcastically.

Finally, the new terminology of labor reform, which includes Extending the trial period to six months, the option of a labor termination fund by agreement, increasing compensation for discriminatory dismissals, eliminating prison sentences from 6 months to 3 years for union blockades, and fines for unregistered work. This generated enough consensus among all blocks to encourage the ruling party to call a full session of the commissions the next day.

All Points that directly affected unions were omitted. And UCR has already announced that it will include them in its dissenting opinions (a legal way to co-opt but leave differences in writing).

On the other hand, at the request of the Federal Innovation Bloc, which is composed of representatives from herbal provinces such as Mission, the communicator They agreed to include the entire tobacco tax chapter again in the opinion. As it was in the original Aadhaar Act. “At that time the government thought it was appropriate and then it was removed. Now we want you to put it back exactly the way it was, with a 73% tax rate, Thus, no one can accuse us of being influenced by the lobby, this is an article that was proposed by the government itself,” he told the bloc, which answers to the governors of Misiones, Río Negro and Salta.

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