Abandoned child France A 9-year-old boy survives alone for 2 years: without hot water or electricity and without arousing suspicion at school

The Angoulême Criminal Court has sentenced a mother to 18 months in prison and six months of electronic monitoring. Left his nine year old son, who lived alone in a family apartment France Between 2020 and 2022.

This 9 year old boy has starred in the heroic story, eating cake and cool boxesand sometimes, steal Tomato According to Charente Libre, from the balcony of the officially protected apartment where he lives in Nersac.

How did he survive?

pass season without heat or electricity, forced to sleep with three quilts and wash with cold water. Neighbors helped feed him a little, until one of them anonymously reported the situation of this sixth grade student to the gendarmes.

The 39-year-old woman neither slept at home nor took him to school. The most curious thing is that in his study center Nobody noticed anything and, He assured that the boy was Very good student.

Investigators then learned that the mother lived with her partner in Ciruil, five kilometers away Of his son. You visited from time to time to give something to eat” explained the judge presiding over the hearing.

mother’s condemnation

The mother denied the facts during the investigation, as she did at the trial, but neighbors confirmed it. the boy lived alone in the apartmentwhere the gendarmes meet An empty refrigerator and no adult clothes,

According to the regional newspaper, the son has been kept in aIn a foster family and doesn’t want to see my mother anymoreHe was sentenced to 18 months in prison for “abandonment of a minor in a manner that compromises his safety”, including six months of mandatory treatment under electronic monitoring.

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