Abinader says the border has biometric recognition equipment that contains the data of Haitian gangs

Santo Domingo, DR.

Although it had not been public opinion whether President Luis Abinader had discussed the Haitian issue with the Vice President of the United States, during his trip to Washington on September 15, in an interview with the journalist Alicia Ortega confirmed the information.

“In both cases the topic was touched on” Abinader said when asked if Kamala Harris and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, spoke about the Haitian issue.

“The truth is that they are confused and I would say that the idea is that they need a road map to see how it helps Haiti. The international community is going to say that it feels that all the efforts that they have made in recent decades have failed in Haiti“, I continue to say.

Abinader also explained that with the US vice president, the follow-up to food security agreements, energy security and actions to address the economic crisis were discussed, signed at the Summit of the Americas.

He said that in the meeting with Kamala, in addition to him, his counterpart from Cuyana, “spoke of the seriousness of Haiti”, also the prime minister of Barbados and the president of Suriname, Desi Bouterse.

He said that both the representative of Barbados and the president of Guayana accompanied him to the Organization of American States (OAS) to support him in his statement with Haiti.

“What they know about foreign relations issues, this is practically unprecedented because what there was was clashes between Caricom and the Dominican Republic on the Haitian issue, while now we already have the same opinion that there has to be a special force to pacify that country,” he said.

Nevertheless, Abinader said that during their conversations the construction of the wall was not discussed that the Dominican government is building on the border with Haiti.

When asked if the Dominican Republic is prepared for any attack by Haitian gangs, he said that the government is “fully prepared” and it has biometric recognition of all the members of the Haitian gangs to prevent them from entering the national territory.

“We have the name, number and biometric and facial recognition of each and every one of those members of these gangs so that they cannot enter the national territory,” he said.

He also added that the border has been reinforced with biometric recognition that contain the data of all lThe members of the Haitian gangs.

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