Aboriginal people, nature and the vast knowledge on which modern medicines are created

These elements are highly culturally representative but may provide health benefits.

said Dr. Neftali Garcia, an organic chemistry major with a minor in biochemistry. Photo: Medicine and Public Health magazine.

In various cultural contexts it is argued that sages They presented gifts to the newborn Jesus incense, myrrh And gold, elements considered valuable at the time. Apart from their spiritual significance, these gifts also have biological, scientific and chemical properties that are considered beneficial to humanity. health or with healing properties.

“I think that, just as today, the natives of South and North America, people from the central regions of Africa, who are in direct contact with nature, have extensive knowledge of naturopathic medicine, from which many medicines are derived, over time synthetically modified. “So pharmaceutical companies are appropriating tribal and urban knowledge,” says Dr. Neftali Garcia, an organic chemist with a minor in biochemistry.

Dr. Garcia raises the possibility of analyzing whether sages They believed that newborns, being more susceptible to diseases, could avoid them or even find a possible cure with this type of substance: “I think more than kings. “They were wise and knowledgeable about astronomy because they were likely observing a star of great intensity, which usually does not stay in the sky for long and tends to be visible in certain places,” the chemist added.

Favorable Use incense in medicine and health mental

“Incense gives off a balsamic smoke, it has therapeutic uses, some are relaxing, some are used in aromatherapy and also as meditation to calm anxiety, depression or improve sleep, they help improve the immune system, blood pressure and grooming. respiratory system,” the doctor added.

Advantages myrrh for wound healing

On the other hand, according to the expert, myrrh It is classified as a variety derived from a waxy resin that hardens quickly. This substance, in turn, helps stop bleeding, speed up healing and has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. It is also believed to have a positive effect on controlling skin conditions such as eczema, ulcers, pimples and chapped skin.

Regarding benefits for healthalso noted that myrrh It can strengthen the immune system, especially by increasing the production of white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting infections. In addition, he mentioned that it can reduce the temperature in an antibacterial way, since when burned myrrh It has the ability to destroy bacteria. Additionally, it has been suggested that it may play a beneficial role in preventing hair loss.

Representative value gold as the currency of humanity

The specialist emphasizes that gold Historically, it has been recognized as a precious metal present in limited quantities on the Earth’s surface. Moreover, he notes that it has played the role of currency since the first mentions of its use and, over time, has been considered a representative of value. “They gave medicines and gave a general equivalent, recognized in antiquity in all countries as useful for acquisition.”

The expert comes to the conclusion that the figure sages V Puerto Rico It has significant cultural content, as evidenced by the peasant music that accompanies it. This tradition is perceived as an element of unifying the population, going beyond political and electoral aspects.

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