Absences! Paunovic’s candidates to play against Atlético de San Luis due to casualties

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The Guadalajara coach will be forced to make adjustments regarding the match against Monterrey.


The Clausura 2023 has just begun; However, in Chivas they are beginning to face certain complications for the assembly of their team for matchday 2 whenor the rojiblancos visit Atlético de San Luis on the field of the Estadio Alfonso Lastrashence Veljko Paunovic would already have some adaptations in mind.

Guadalajara had a triumphant presentation in the semester thanks to the forcefulness shown by its team, mainly Alexis Vegacoupled with the good defensive work that was seasoned by luck and the bad aim of the forwards of Monterrey, but this duel left two players out.

The first player who may not be available for the next chiverío commitment is Sergio Flores, who suffered a blow to the knee, for which the club confirmed that it will be available for the matchday 3 duel against Toluca. The other absentee would be Gilberto Sepúlveda, who was expelled for a double reprimandbut the directive would request the cancellation of his suspension because he was wrongly reprimanded for the second time.

Poll How long will Paunovic take to be champion with Chivas?

How long will Paunovic take to be champion with Chivas?


In the face of such absences, Paunovic would bet on making some mandatory adaptationswhere instead of the Walrus the Serb would send from start to Fernando Gonzalez; while in defense the novelty would be Antonio Briseñowho would enter the starting eleven instead of Tiba, in case his expulsion is not annulled.

What’s next for Chivas?

After Rebaño’s victory in the Sultana del Norte, the Guadalajara team returned to the Pearl of the West, rested on Sunday and already began to prepare for the matchday 2 of the Clausura 2023, which will be next friday january 13or, when the rojiblancos visit against Atlético San Luis on the field of the Alfonso Lastras Stadium.

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