Abylight Studios shows the first gameplay trailer of its new work Citadelum

Strategy and urban development in Ancient Rome.

Today, Abilite Studios presented the first gameplay trailer Citadel, an ambitious strategy and city-building game set in Ancient Rome with mythological elements. In it you can see sequence of the main pillars of the game: construction and management of cities, strategy and the third layer, focused on the gods of the Roman Pantheon.

Along with the new Citadelum trailer, some additional features of the game were revealed, such as a mining and processing system for materials, combat mechanics, and interactions between deities.

  • BUILD your settlement. Mine and process resources and turn it into a big city. Experience the polished gameplay of a city builder in the unique Abylight style. Invite citizens to your city and appoint them as artisans, farmers, carpenters… or invite them to join your legions.
  • EXPAND your domains. Explore the map, liberate besieged cities and test the might of the most advanced armies of the time – the Roman legions. Once the territory is secured, establish trade routes, import exotic materials and develop your economy. Enjoy an “auto-battle” system in which the location and formation of troops will have a big impact on the course of the battle.
  • HONOR gods of the Roman pantheon. Build temples, make offerings and sacrifices, and receive their gifts. Or he suffers from anger caused by jealousy. Interacting with the gods allows for non-linear and replayable storytelling across various campaigns.

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Citadelum will be released in 2024 on PC. You can now add it to your wishlist on Steam.

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