According to a ransomware group, Epic Games may have been hacked and data was stolen.

Epic Games, developer Fortnitedeveloper of Unreal Engine technology and owner of the Epic Games Store, would be attacked by ransomware with almost 200 GB of stolen information. The data will include emails, passwords, full names, payment information, source code “and much more,” although it is unknown whether these profiles belong to employees, players, or both.

Reportedly Cyber ​​Dailythe relatively recent Mogilevich group, which last month successfully attacked Infiniti USA, a subsidiary of Nissan, would have claimed responsibility for the attack and would have willing to sell information for an unspecified amount with a deadline of March 4. Of course, they didn’t publish any evidence of the stolen material, unlike what these groups usually do (the case of Rhysida with Insomniac Games).

For now Epic Games has not confirmed the security breach on social media, but hacks of large companies, many of which involve technology or video games, are becoming increasingly common. Last October, European police dismantled the group responsible for the 2020 attack on Capcom that stole confidential employee data and some of the company’s plans. resident Evil.

Group of possible Russian origin.

Little is known about Mogilevich, but Cyber ​​Daily mentions that some of its members will be Russian, and while they work in their own interests, they also position themselves as a group of mercenaries who sell their services to the highest bidder.

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