According to Mara Patricia Castañeda, Kenya Os would have already become a mother.

Without a doubt, Kenya Guadalupe Flores Osuna, better known in the art industry as Kenya OS, became one of influencers and the most popular Mexican singers of our time.

Although the young woman began creating content in 2015, her fame came after the disagreements she had in 2018 with Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza, with whom she had a joint channel. YouTube.

The content creator then accused the couple of wanting to take advantage of her through a contract, which she refused to sign.

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After this, he decided to separate himself from them and pursue an online career on his own. He focused more on his prolific music career.

Despite all the success he had with singles like Bad Decisions, Inside, Take It Away and his latest collaboration with Alvaro Diaz, Fool, The Mazatlán celebrity usually keeps his personal life private.

However, it recently became clear that the celebrity will have a little son. This information was shared by Mara Patricia Castañeda, who interviewed her for her TV channel. YouTube in 2019.

Kenya Os is one of the most recognizable singers in Mexico / Social Networks

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This is how Mara Patricia Castañeda told about it

Mara Patricia Castañeda recently sat down with Kaya Lana, a Mexican singer, songwriter and content creator known for her translations of songs into French, English and Spanish.

In this conversation, the presenter recalled that several years ago she interviewed Kenya Os, and said that at that time she was already the mother of a child.

“Five years ago I had Kenya, and then she became an influencer and had a baby. “He has a son who is older now.”

Mara Patricia Castaneda

Clearly surprised, Kaya asked the journalist if she really meant Kenya Os: “Kenya? No, not true”expressed influential person.

In response, Castañeda simply said that he did not raise this topic during his conversation with Kenya, and quickly changed the topic. However, the singer’s big fans still have doubts about the Mexican woman’s alleged motherhood.

In addition to this, Kenya Os has neither confirmed nor denied the news and has only dedicated herself to using social media to promote her new music.

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