According to the government, this is how a conspiracy was hatched for alleged ‘sabotage’ in the power sector.

Andrea Arrobo, along with her mentors – Esteban Albornoz and Medardo Cadena – would be behind the concealment of information about the power outages.

President Daniel Noboa has assured that the main cause of the new energy crisis that Ecuador is going through is political sabotage. The government believes that a group of people hid information causes power cuts In One week before popular consultation,

From the beginning of April 2023, The country faced a blackout, Initially, the government classified them as temporary separations. By the night of April 15, 2024, officials announced the first schedule scheduled deduction,

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next day, noboa declared emergency in the power sector and Andrea Erbo’s resignation requested, who served as the Minister of Energy and Mines. Furthermore, he announced that an investigation was being conducted into an alleged sabotage within the government.

Ultimately, on Wednesday, April 17, the Executive condemned 21 people for alleged perjury and treason of public service. This is the list of People Reported by Arturo Felix WongSecretary of Public Administration and Cabinet of the President of the Republic.


In the complaint, Felix mentioned the background of energy crisis, The official assured that this would -at least- Seven Years,

After assuming office as President of the Republic in November 2023, Noboa will direct on signal He “ll make sure power supply continues and distribution especially in light of the forecast severe El Niño event”.

But despite this instruction from the last week of March -According to the complaint- Excitement will be there hidden -Intentionally-“Required Information For the purpose of causing harm to the functioning and efficient operation of the National Interconnected System.”

Furthermore, Felix condemned Arabo “hid the President Regional Cabinet of the Republic and Production Forecast “Electricity production provided by Cenes (National Electricity Operator) and the structure of the national electricity market”.

it is specific information He Aerobo must have hidden,

  • Paute, Sopaladora and Mazar reservoirs were in critical condition.
  • Probabilistic models developed by Senes would have broken and even surpassed the 61-year-old historical record.
  • Coca Codo Sinclair had a reservoir at 2% of its capacity.
  • Paute, Sopaladora and Mazar had 0% operational reservoir.
  • The energy deficit that the country will face by April 2024 will be 20% – 25%.

On April 16, 2024, Senes informed the Public Administration Secretariat Arabo had received Are warnings First, in the Energy Crisis Committee.

But what intentionally removed“With the aim that this serious situation is not known and necessary decisions are not taken in time, without knowing the purpose of their action; there are indications that Criminal motive due to political alliance,

The Energy Crisis Committee is a body that brings together operational actors from the power sector. Generally, it is guided by Deputy Minister of Energy,

Precisely, the complaint refers to ramiro diaz, who held this post during the Arbo administration. Near louis towers And Vinicio PardoUndersecretaries of power may have made arrangements to hide the alert from other members of the regional cabinet.

“The Productive Sector Cabinet, to which the Ministry of Energy and Mines belongs, was never alerted to these individuals. (…) The sudden cut and suspension of electricity supply in the country occurred without any prior warning.”

Complaint about alleged paralysis of public service

striking connection

Imagination vandalism is mainly aimed at andrea arbo, This woman is not new to the power sector. According to the State Comptroller General’s Office (CGE), it was are linked to become extinct Ministry of Power (now Ministry of Energy) 2012 to 2017,

Rafael Correa was in power at that time. and his trusted branch minister was esteban albornoz, Azuayo politicians were in that position in between 2012 and 2016 And he is one of those reported for alleged sabotage.

Albornoz left the Ministry of Electricity in 2016 to run for election for the National Assembly. He gained one seat and completed the 2017–2021 parliamentary term. At that time there was a breakup between Correa and Lenin Moreno in Alianza PAIS. Albornoz Morenista stayed in the wing,

He was Albornoz’s right-hand man throughout his tenure at the Ministry of Electricity. Medardo Chain, who served as Deputy Minister of Energy between 2012 and 2016. And after the resignation of Albornoz he took over the ministry. Jas till 2017When Moreno took office as President.

That is, Arrobo was in the Ministry of Electricity during the tenure of Albornoz and Cadena, who is currently advisor to the Executive Secretary of the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE). Cadena is also in the list of those accused.

Additionally, the list includes more than a dozen officers:Giovanni Pardo, Paul Urgiles, Cathya Delgado, Ramiro Diaz, Adrian Moreno, Marco Valencia, Wilson Mejia, Esmeralda Tipan, Andres Chavez, Emilio Calle, Enrique Vega, Silvia Granizo and Diego Arias.

These characters will be got included in For the electric field at the time of correismo, but they managed Keep in the governments of Lenin Moreno, Guillermo Lasso And Daniel Noboa,

For example, Pardo was a manager of Transelectric and Coca Codo Sinclair. It also passed through the Electricity Regulation and Control Agency (Arconel) and the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

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