Actor Alec Baldwin again charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of a participant in the filming of Rust

Baldwin killed cinematographer Halina Hutchins at a rehearsal in 2021 and wounded director Joel Souza by firing a gun at the center of the investigation.

The case took an unexpected turn, the actor Alec Baldwin charged again involuntary manslaughter For the death of the cinematographer Halina Hutchins During the filming of the western War In October 2021. The New Mexico grand jury made its decision after the case was handed over to the prosecutor. Fees will be removed in April Against the 65 year old actor.

The new team of prosecutors, composed of Jason J. Lewis and Kari T. Morrissey, In a decision, it was decided to review the process and present it to a grand jury Baldwin could face up to 18 months in prison. Under the law of New Mexico, where the accident occurred, involuntary manslaughter occurs during the commission of an unlawful act, which is not a felony.

Baldwin has maintained his innocence throughout this time, saying he didn’t pull the trigger And they should never have given him a weapon loaded with ammunition that was not empty. He blamed the weapons team leading it Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, He also faces similar charges and will be arraigned in February. Baldwin’s favor comes from a settlement reached with the victim’s husband following a wrongful death lawsuit.

Matthew Hutchins said in a statement, “I have no interest in engaging in recriminations or placing blame on (the producers or Mr. Baldwin). We all believe that Halina’s death was a terrible accident.”

Baldwin was rehearsal of a scene Inside an old church on the Bonanza Creek Ranch, outside San Fe, New Mexico. He had a Colt style pistol in his hand. Pointing to the director of photography Waris a low-budget Western film directed by joel souza When? The gun was fired.

Hutchins was shot in the chest Falling back to the ground after a few moments. The projectile had enough force to knock down Hutchins and injure Souza, who was watching the scene from behind the director of photography.

The grand jury, made up of 12 people, Will start discussions on Thursday The First Judicial District Court in New Mexico will determine whether there is enough evidence to support the charges.

After the charges were withdrawn in April, the team of prosecutors After the forensic report, it was decided to re-deposit them which determined that Baldwin must have fired the gun that killed Hutchins, although he always denied that he did so. The jury must determine whether the New York actor showed “deliberate indifference” to the safety of others when handling the gun that day.


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