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Emma Stone.

LOS ANGELES, January 13 (Agencies): Emma Stone is eagerly seeking a spot on Jeopardy!, expressing her desire to take part in the iconic quiz show. The 35-year-old actress reveals her annual application ritual every June, but the coveted invitation has yet to elude her.

During a conversation with awards senior editor and host Clayton Davis, Stone, the star of the hit TV series, “Poor Things,” passionately shared her enthusiasm for Jeopardy! when Davis mentioned that she has a lot of “useless facts” that might be useful to her on the show someday.

“This is my favorite show,” she exclaimed. “This is my dream. You know, I apply every June. “Never receive (an invitation).”

Despite his wishes, Stone emphasized that he prefers the original Jeopardy! regarding Celebrity Jeopardy!, stating, “Sorry, I don’t want to be on Celebrity Jeopardy! I really want to earn my rewards. I’d like to play a real Jeopardy! But you must take the test, and you can only take it once a year using your email address. So every June I take a test and they don’t tell you how you did. They just say, “We’ll let you know in the next 9 to 12 months if you’re on the show.” And guess what? “I wasn’t on the show.”

Meanwhile, Stone is busily preparing for his Jeopardy! debuted like any discerning person would, watching the show every night and keeping track of her correct answers. With unwavering determination, Stone remains hopeful that she will one day have the opportunity to showcase her knowledge on the iconic quiz show.

This news has been read 126 times!

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