Adamari López becomes a Barbie thanks to Colombian talent

Adamari Lopez He has won the hearts of thousands of people. About 20 million followers on their social networks confirm that the presenter has won their heartsmaking her one of the most influential and recognized Hispanic women in the United States.

The charisma of the presenter, her simplicity and talent have made it easy for her to win the affection of the people and they have allowed him to stand out in the world of entertainment, accumulating a whole entourage of loyal fans.

The affection of the public for Adamaris is so great that they constantly show their affection for him, as is the case with Colombian artist Shirly Cabrera, who decided to create a miniature version of the presenter.

The artist, who is a collector and lover of Barbie dolls, was inspired by the famous doll to give life to the small version of Adamaris, taking up one of the outfits she wore during the Miss Universe broadcasts.

The doll was presented in the program “Hoy Día”there was detailed step by step how Shirly managed to transform Adamari into a Barbie doll.

The artist has also created dolls for other artists. Celebrities like Karol G, Frida Kahlo or Kim Kardashian are also part of his work.

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