Adamari López responds elegantly: in Hoy Día they evaluate the presence of Toni Costa in the reality show and she gets by

Adamari Lopez.

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The House of the Famous in its second season is already on the air and Toni Costa, ex of Adamari Lopez, is one of the participants. The presence of the dancer cannot not be commented on Today and that is why Adamari’s reaction to the subject is giving something to talk about.

At Telemundo’s Hot Table applaud Adamari López’s elegant response to this question. And it is that Laura Bozzo told Toni Costa that she would watch that she was faithful to Evelyn Beltrán in the show, and on this Adamari did not want to pass judgment or opinion.

But what did Adamari López say when she was questioned? This was her response: “Let’s better talk about Juan Vidal.” The Puerto Rican got out of the way with elegance. She did not say anything. She didn’t allow herself to feel anything. Since the chapter of her life with Toni Costa ended, Adamari López has turned the page and allowed herself to move on.

In La Mesa Caliente they saw his reaction, they already wanted to analyze it. Alix Asper He said: “He basically said ‘let’s talk about something else because I’m not even going to comment’”. The young driver also added: “It must be extremely difficult to see your ex there all the time, super difficult, she behaved up to the task and I think she will continue to do so.”

Giselle Blondet, for her part, stressed that Adamari López is taking care of her statements to the fullest, because she knows that she is doing it for her daughter. Who not only watches the program, but is also aware of her father: “It seems very good to me that he is not talking about her ex and apart from her the girl who is watching and that”.

But beware, Adamari also knows how to respect himself. So maybe it’s better not to push her on this issue. It is not going to happen what she once warned about herself.

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