Addison Rae is a material girl in a conical bra and fishnets.

Having recently collaborated with Charli XCX for a remix of the artist’s new single “Von Dutch”, we’re officially calling it: Addison Rae is living her pop star era. Let’s go back a little… The TikTok influencer released her debut single “Obsessed” back in 2021. Last year she released AR, a five-song EP. And while Addison hasn’t released any new music since then, her fashion sense is certainly geared towards creating musical royalty. In particular, Madonna, aka the Queen of Pop.

On Instagram, Addison shared a black and white photo of herself sitting in a recording studio. In the picture, she can be seen wearing a ruffled satin cone bra paired with denim shorts over fishnet tights. An outfit that references a number of fashion statements made by Madonna throughout her music career, although it is undoubtedly the cone bra that the veteran artist is best known for.

Take a journey through pop music and fashion history. It’s April 1990 and Madonna is embarking on her Blond Ambition tour. She personally asked Jean-Paul Gaultier to create the costumes, including *that* now-iconic pink bodysuit with a conical bra.

Addison completed her look with a baker’s cap and Converse sneakers to highlight the fashionable spirit of the ’80s, the decade in which Madonna released her debut album and first rose to fame. Coincidence? We think not.

We weren’t the only ones who noticed the comparison, with one of Addison’s followers commenting on her post: “This is so pop star coded.” And everyone knows that the first step to achieving pop star status is dressing like a pop star. We hope new music will follow soon.

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