Adele accuses “d’escroquerie”: why are her fans in the collier

This is l’événement de l’été! On January 31, Adele took to her Instagram account to announce to her fans four concert elimination dates in Munich, Germany so far. Face à l’engoument, the singer who ne s’est pas produite in Europe in 2016 à rajouter six additional dates. Title interpreter Hello Montera-donk-sur-scene pour out a series of such concerts. At an event that delighted the artist’s fans, you just simply received a prize for seats.

Come to an understanding BFMTV, On this day, February 15th, from fans of Rich Paul’s wife nombreux. ont fait part de leur colere In the public market after February 9th, check out the procurement rates ahead of February 9th. Place prizes released 74.90 euros for sieges plus stage masters and various bathrooms from 274.90 to 419.90 euros, depending on the categories. On some sales sites the rates are listed below. 1152.50 euros per VIP seat. “Who can be permettre de tels prix? C’est fou. Pour être honnête, I have neither peux nor veux pas payer ça. “This is an escroquerie”for example, written by fan X (formerly Twitter).

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Adele: why are her songs in TikTok songs?

If some fans do not have the opportunity to understand this in person, then Adele among mine is still alive, plus they have nothing to do with it. Plus use the singer’s favorite music on TikTok.. In fact, after February 1, users of the social network are surprised to find that certain songs are favorites for bans on the platform. you blow them Taylor Swift, Weekend, Ariana GrandeAdele or encore Billie Eilishthey are not introuvables. And pour out the reason as he reports Le Figaro, January 31, 2010, quoted in a letter from Universal Music: This is a break in negotiations between the TikTok platform and UMG.not the previous one, according to a license that expired on January 31, that is at the source of the problem. The disagreements are mainly on remuneration for artists under UMG license for using music is best. At this point you have found a solution to the problem.

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