Adele Exarchopoulos: A rare actress admits to the love situation of her young brothers

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These are French actresses, the most popular in recent years and the image of many contemporary artists, Adele Exarchopoulos accepted the offer Papotin’s meetings. In “Emission of France 2”, “Actress 30 years old” we can answer questions from journalists in the grass, carriers of the problems of the ghost of autism. After Dani Boon and Christiane Taubira, it’s a trip to Parisian black-haired joy from her home. A particularly well-performing broadcast could attract 3.23 million viewers and 16.3% of the show’s parts; big difference in agreement like in India Puremedias.

During the emission, a young woman, Prenom de Paola, is on parole for questioning Adele Exarchopoulos in her family life. She was the note of the actress’s father, Didier. “Ouais, le pauvre, il s’appelle Didier”blague celle que l’on a vu très proche d’un beau brun musclé et sexy pour ses 30 ans, avant d’évoquer la profession of father’s son, professor of guitar: “I essay (de prendre des cours de Guitare avec lui, ndlr), but most of all it is that my father and that du coup de une proximité…” “Actress” is a coupe-coupe for a young woman who talks about the mother of comedy, Marina, the people of two brothers, Baptiste and Emil. Est-ce qu’ils sont mariees tous les deux?demands the mercy of Paola, clearly three curious ones.

Baptiste and Emil “Toujour in Search of Love”

Here’s how Adele Exarchopoulos shows modest confidence in the personal lives of her two brothers, 20 and 22: “Je ne peux rien te cacher, no, Ils sont celibataires Paola! Non, ils ne sont pas mariees.” The actress, the victim of a triple fracture in an open tournament, gave this information with a small air coken who can afford that she wants to be better than Baptiste and Emile in a pair in another world.

The son of a cat, Adele Exarchopoulos is very discreet in her love life. Having been paired with actor Jeremy Laertes, I met again on tour Life of d’Adeleshe is involved in the life of rapper Dooms, with who is her son, in April 2017.

Suite after commercial

Suite after commercial

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