Adele on stage in Europe in August 2024.

Adele on stage in Europe in August 2024.

Adele on stage at Caesar’s Colosseum. © Instagram

Adele is on the train now. The effect of Las Vegas residencies: “plus-long” (and “plus-profitable”) music stories. Translator of “Skyfall” and “Hello” and play by the rules, plus big hits on stage, au grand dam de ses European fans who came after années de revoir la chanteuse sur scène. Once you know this, your patience will be rewarded: Adele did not give concerts in Europe even then, This is the most detailed information this week from the singer elle-même.

“Je ne pouvais pas penser à une façon plus merveilleuse de passer mon été”avoid Adele Sur les reseaux sociaux. One of your Las Vegas residencies is over, The artist will return to Munich, Germany in August.. He will give four concerts – at 2, 3, 9 and 10 am on the stage of the Open Arena. A superb premiere performance of “Skyfall”, which is currently not performing in Europe after the last tour “Adele Live 2016”. A beautiful image for Adele, who has reunited with the European public. I am sure that these four concerts did not take place in other events. In France, for example. The singer has not been introduced to her French fans since two dates at the Accor Arena in Paris in 2016.

On duty Adele for accommodation in Las Vegas. A residence full of success. After the New York Post He spent two million dollars on a party on the mountain on the Coliseum stage..

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