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The community is expanding the Helldivers universe with an unprecedented outreach campaign.

He helldiver universe It’s not that difficult. Its lore is not too deep, the inspiration from Starship Troopers, Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons is more than obvious, and it is obvious that there is a very clear satire of the socio-political system of the United States, at least the one that Hollywood showed us. your films.

Helldivers 2 is a marvel that doesn’t require you to delve too deeply into the universe. We are a soldier without special qualities, another cog in the army of Super-Earth, whose only mission is the complete and mandatory democratization of everything/place beyond its borders. Everything can be solved with an orbital attack, bombing, skirmishes and fire.

Currently the Universe helldivers 2 It’s not a big deal… but it grows as the stories come out. Developers and players create the story of each campaign. And one of the most vivid and detailed sections that is growing day by day is the propaganda of galactic war. It serves to popularize the video game, but at the same time is meta-propaganda of the universe.

Helldivers 2 promotional video: artistic wonders returning from the past

Arrowhead Game Studios shared several announcements and messages from helldivers 2 with a very distinct style. Have you ever seen any propaganda related to conscription since World War I? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, perhaps I can illustrate it with a poster called “I Want You in the U.S. Army” (aka “Uncle Sam’s Poster”) created in 1917 by James Montgomery Flagg. It had a huge impact and became part of popular culture.

This is the last propaganda poster helldivers 2. A few days ago, it was posted on the video game’s official account to announce the official arrival of Mecha. “The EXO-45 Patriot exosuits are in full production at the Tian Kwan factories. They will soon be ready for use on the battlefield!” – he says. announcement on twitter. He has a very distinctive style.

Just check Reddit, Instagram and Twitter to find dozens of similar posters and advertisements. We saw this not long ago helldivers 2 It looks great on an old TV and could easily be a classic advert. Since then, I’ve collected videos and images to show you why I’m so fascinated by this minor section of the video game.

OldSloppy Posters (Reddit). Click to see original post

The following posters were posted by the user Galactic Arsenal (Twitter, left) and dj_swizzle (Reddit, right). Although they don’t have the animation style of the previous ones, they share the same goal: a set of new Helldivers in the style we saw in American films. The “Liber-Tea” pun has become a common joke among fans.

Posters by Galactic Armory and dj_swizzle

Poster designs are varied and not always related to recruitment. Artist Jackdowell shared a design on his ArtStation (left) that harkens back to the style he mentioned above. This is a call to add divers to fight the machines.

As for the poster on the right, posted by Reddit user No_Examination5404, it’s a Tactical Shield unit, which is a pretty hellish way to call condoms. There is a warning at the bottom: failure to use it may result in the birth of a new cadet after 9 months.

Posters by Jackwdowell and No_Examination5404

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that the story of Helldivers 2 is literally being written day by day. User Unknown-Name06 shared a poster titled “Oil Spill” with the caption: “Pity is betrayal.” Free Malewolone Creek.” This is a canon game event that happened a few days ago when we Helldivers lost the planet affectionately nicknamed Robot Vietnam to the Automata.

The propaganda image of the right is simply beautiful. Reddit user Proud_Lie_8135 shared this a few hours ago and it goes like this: “Enjoy a taste of freedom with a fresh cup of Liber-Té! Get ready today! This is another meta-propaganda to reach more players helldivers 2. I take my hat off. This is one of my favorites because of its retro style.

Posters “Unknown name06” and “Proud_lie_8135”
Posters by OllieHoff, REPLICATOR071 and myoeni on Reddit

Reddit helldiver Chimera87X is another veteran of the fall of Malevolone Creek. He shared another poster celebrating the event. You could say that there was some consensus in the community to call the event “Oil Spill” because the fight was against the machines. “Defend the line with your life,” the subtitle reads.

The poster on the right (54NCH32 from Reddit) is slightly different, but not too different from the ad we can see on our ship’s screen in Helldivers 2. It’s a brochure that details the optimal battle strategy against Terminids and Automata: mounted cannon + protective shield. This tactic works great when used with colleagues.

Chimera87X and 54NCH32 posters on Reddit

The last image has a bonus, but I can explain it. He the first poster belongs to Winkry (Twitter). It’s called “Freedom and Sacrifice” and depicts a heroic diver calling for cunning. This refers to a situation where a soldier sacrifices himself in order for the strike to kill as many enemies as possible. beauty the center belongs to TheEverdrift (Twitter) and I can only applaud until I am exhausted. Finally (and as a bonus) the user Marpaparp made two patches. to show that she was a veteran of Malewolone Creek and that she uses the tricks of the eagles (hunts).

Posters by Winkree, TheEverdrift and Marpaparp

Posters are just the beginning of any propaganda helldivers 2. The introduction to the game itself is a propaganda advertisement (a very good one, by the way) for us to join the helldivers organization. This is very similar to what we saw in Starship Troopers. In addition, on the ship we can see news about how the war fronts are progressing and how the series is going video called BraschTactics about battle tactics.

Speaking of Starship Troopers inspired advertising, here’s a recreation of the movie’s propaganda with helldivers. LayzuhCatz, the creator of the video, says in the description that he was actually inspired by the 1997 film to create this wonderful 30-second reference. At his feet!

To conclude this democrat post, AlphabetMeat posts a video on Reddit with the following title: “I put footage of Helldivers over a US Army recruiting video. Run towards the chaos of the Helldivers! To no one’s surprise, the sound of a recruiting announcement is perfect for a video game.

helldivers 2

After a week (more) of collecting material for this post, it is abundantly clear to me that the Helldivers 2 community is amazing. Arrowhead Game Studios It has achieved great success and I hope it can maintain it over time by adding more content, events and similar creations.

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