After 30 years of no change, there’s a new key on Windows PC keyboards: what does it do?

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PC keyboards haven’t seen a major change in nearly 30 years, but a new key will be released in 2024. It’s called Copilot and will bring the use of AI closer.

Except for some interesting implementations — for example, touch screens or volume controls —keyboards on computers have about 30 years without any major changes. The situation will soon change thanks to new key which will appear in Windows PC keyboards.

Officially this is called a key. Second pilot, but what is this for? How it works? Is it really as innovative as it promises?

There’s a new key on the Windows PC keyboard

“30 years ago, we introduced the Windows key on the PC keyboard to interact with the operating system.”explained the vice president of Microsoft in statement quite optimistic. “We now see this moment as a new transformative moment in our journey.”

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The new Windows key will launch the Copilot application, an assistant with artificial intelligence // Photo: Microsoft

And, according to the company, this new co-pilot key promises to be entry into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) applied directly to your PC.

In case you were wondering: This new key on your PC keyboard will be located next to Alt, which is on your right; stuck to “little arrows” then navigation. It will replace the key, which was previously only a command for opening applications.

After 30 years of no change, a new key has appeared on Windows PC keyboards // Photo: Microsoft

In accordance with Microsoftthis new key Second pilot will arrive at spring 2024. It will start installing on all keyboards new PC computer models who use the Windows operating system — including, of course, Surface devices.

And besides all this, what is the new Copilot key for?

With so many announcements and promises, you’re probably wondering: Why the hell is there a new Copilot key on PC keyboards?. The answer is quite simple

Without causing too much trouble, it is a simple key that allows launch the Copilot app in an instant.

Second pilot This is a relatively new product from Microsoft that works as a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence (AI) which adapts to the apps you use: it can write you an email, it can help you with your search if you’re browsing, or it can generate an image for you. Like ChatGPT, but from a different company.

The most interesting thing about Second pilot and what of new key what will appear on keyboards is that this could be the first generation of PCs, have artificial intelligence features included in the operating system; that is, without the need to log into an external application.

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