After Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera, another member was expelled from the Scream 7 project.

I projected Scream 7 I don’t know how to leave. After the cancellation of the participation of two actresses (not Jenna Ortega), this is the tour of another participant in the project. Il fait son annonce sur X.

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Le volet 7 from the saga scream Pourra-t-il être Tourné un Jour? Following the success of Scream 6, Annie’s debut with the return of Courteney Cox and Jenna Ortega, fans are visiting the suite of the most famous horror film. Moreover, the implementation of the suite of this saga contains many twists and turns. Last November, Melissa Barrera, the lead actress in volumes five and six, was dropped from the casting after winning a prize for her stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. These conflicting messages are published on the platform “We want zero tolerance for anti-Semitism”This is stated in a statement from the franchise’s production company Spyglass Media. But soon Jenna Ortega appears, who decided to refuse to participate in the film. If the actress never officially explained the reasons for her son’s departure, deadline, the actress’s time was spent adding a cell phone to the horror film. Today, December 23, another production participant is about to leave.

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“J’ai Quite Scream VII”I announce the producer of the film

“Je crois que c’est le bon moment d’annoncer que I finished Scream VII after a few weeks.“, Cash out implementer Christopher Landon on plate form. Finally, there will be no more participation in the project. “It is the risk of deception determined between you and the fair desire of others. This is my favorite job, this girl. My heart sank at everything that was implied. Us. But now is the time to move forward. I was no help in the debate that I expected Wes (Craven)’s legacy to be greater than this world. “Ce qu’il a creé avec Kevin (Williamson), c’est quelque chosen de merveilleux, et je me suis centi Honoré d’y Prendre part même si ce fut pour un momento si Court”– concludes the realist.

screamsuccess after 1996

In this message, Christopher Landon did not understand why his son left, and provided the opportunity to become another implementer of the project. He debuted in 1996 with the success of his first album scream, made by Wes Craven. Courteney Cox and Drew Barrymore are also trying their hand at the dark genre, and they are joined by actress Neve Campbell. Wes Craven wrote the first four volumes of the saga written by Kevin Williamson. Le Tueur à l’étrange costume is repeated in the bathroom on Friday in 2022 with the realization duo Matt Bellini-Olpin and Tyler Gillette, who realized the 5th edition, before starting work with Christophe Landon. Which implementer is implementing the project?

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