Agustin Auzmendi confirms his final decision regarding the 2024 Clausura. Will he stay in Motagua or leave?


Agustin Auzmendi was one of the main heroes of the transfer market in HondurasSince the end of the last tournament, the Argentinean’s name has become popular among different teams.

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Alajuelense He was one of the people who wanted to stay with him the most. “Shooter”but in the end Auzmendi made a decision regarding his future.

Live on Instagram with one of your best friends: Kevin AlvarezAgustin assured that he will remain in Motagua for the 2024 Clausura.

“I’m not going to leave Motagua”said the striker, who has been consulted several times about the decision he is about to make. The Pistolero wants to win the title in Honduras.

In his first campaign with MotaguaAuzmendi scored 23 goalsan impressive showing in both the National League and the Central American Cup.

With this, Diego Vasquez may be released, as he will be able to count on a promising attack under the command Agustin Auzmendi And Rubilio Castillotwo strikers who managed to win the favor of the Blues fans.

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Of course, they won’t be able to count on these players until the fourth date of the Clausura, since Auzmendi He was suspended for two games and Rubillium with three, although Motagua plans to appeal to see if the sentence will be reduced.

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