Air Europa ❤️ Boeing… in success, in trials, in good and not so good

Claudia Celestes /Digital Aviation, Sp.- Last Wednesday, Air Europe and Boeing They reaffirmed their alliance and commitment during the opening ceremony Air Europa’s new hangarcalled Center of Excellence, and official delivery the company’s new Boeing 787-9. Air Europa currently has fleet of 25,787 aircraft, like the one that made its first flight, and the fleet is expected to reach 30 aircraft this year..

Before the main event, Air Europa held an exclusive event consisting of flight over Salamanca on board the legendary Boeing 787 Dreamliner, during which Aviación Digital had the pleasure of chatting with Pepe Hidalgo. After landing in Madrid, guests were bused along the runway to Globalia’s newly opened hangar.

Interview with Pepe Hidalgo about the presentation flight of the Boeing 787-9 of Air Europa

In this setting, speeches were given by such outstanding personalities as Mr. Juan José Hidalgo, President of the Globalia group of companies; Sergio Ramos, Director of Sales, European Commercial Aircraft, Boeing; And Peter AndersonCommercial Director at AerCap.

This event provided all participants with a unique and memorable experience, marking a significant moment in the history of Air Europa and his commitment to excellence in the aviation industry.

“Boeing and AerCap chose Air Europa in the most difficult times”

Pepe Hidalgo, President of Globalia

A love affair between two strategic partners of the company. Boeing And AeroCap, comes from afar, but has become even stronger during the crisis. Hidalgo expressed his gratitude to both of them for bet on the future of Air Europa during the most difficult moments of the pandemic. This gesture is something special for the businessman from Salamanca. left his mark.

Presentation flight of Boeing 787-9 Air Europa

Yesi Air Europa trusted AirCap, and AirCap trusted Air Europa, hubthere was a way authorities to help each other“.

Peter Andersoncommercial director at AerCap

Hidalgo emphasized strong trust in AERCAP, a well-known Dublin company specializing in aircraft rental around the world (Has a fleet of 1,733 aircraft)when making a decision invest in the future of Air Europa. This investment means the acquisition of six aircraft. Boeing Dreamlinerseach with estimated cost 200 million euros.

In its turn, Peter Andersoncommercial director of AerCap, reminded the audience of the foundation of this trust, which was strengthened during the most difficult moments of the pandemic during meeting in Dublin with the Air Europ teamand, headed by the current CEO of the airline, Richard Clark: “I remember the challenges of COVID-19 when Francesc and I met the Air Europa team along with Richard, Siska and David for dinner in Dublin. At that moment, The future was uncertain for everyone in the airline industry. Borders were closed, planes were grounded. We all spent some time putting our problems on the table. However, at night we realized that if Air Europa trusted AerCap and AerCap trusted Air Europathere was a way to help each other“. Shortly thereafter they entered into an agreement which included the acquisition 5 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and 10 737 MAX.

¿Why fly four types of aircraft when we have the most modern and efficient one?“.

Pepe Hidalgo about the Boeing 787-9

Hidalgo also retains wounds from that period and remember the attitude of some media: “Many people said that we weren’t worth a eurothat we’re broke. I, of course, had to go through a lot when I saw the newspaper headlines that we were saved, that we were defamed. We never received a single euro as ransom; We always had high-interest loans, which we repaid on time. But no one said, “We will support the company.” “Everyone around me and I have worked hard to move forward.”

The president Globaliarecalls his first order to Boeing in 2000 for the first 787 with the question: “”Why fly four types of aircraft when we have the most modern and efficient one?. According to him, these are the consequences of this bet 23 years later: “There is nothing else to do at Air Europa; Everything is there and modernized at the most effective moment.

He expressed gratitude to the company for its support and emphasized the importance of trust in business. Hidalgo emphasized that he prefers to materialize this trust through a handshake, stating that “Roles are distributed by others, but the main thing is the hand”. He also announced the arrival of additional aircraft in the coming months.

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