Al Pacino and Jessica Chastain to reunite for Shakespearean thriller in ‘Candyman’ remake

Bernard Rose is a new adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic starring Jessica Chastain and Al Pacino.

Did Shakespeare once receive an honorary Oscar? These are stories that have so many ports to the big screen that he might ask a question. Que Cela Soit des Adaptations directs how Romeo + Juliet and etc. Othello d’Orson Welles or plus indirect references West Side Story and etc. Le Roy Lion, the playwright inspired the entire cultural spectrum. These compositions continue for an encore and continue to remain, modified and updated, etc. Bernard Rose, today we will perform an encore.

Realist Candyman This is the best effect in the Shakespeare project in the books about good old Jessica Chastain and Al Pacino. Les deux ne sont pas étrangers au monde du playwright (Jessica Chastain is my professional debut in 1998 in a theatrical adaptation) Romeo and Juliet), Additional Information s’attaquer à une piece qu’ils n’ont pas encore visitée.

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Photo Michael Fassbender, MacbethNon ce ne sera pas encore Macbeth

Farewell Macbeth, long live KING LEAR!

Bernard Rose was hit by the attack King Lear. Contant l’histoire d’un roi vieillissant, who divided the son of royaume for three girl rulers, il est trompé sur leurs of affections and est conduit à l’exil. The latest adaptation of this work dates back to 2018 in the form of a television film, which dates back to 1987 to find the big screen adaptation of King Lear by one Jean-Luc Godard.

Celon Bernard Rose, Al Pacino, Louis, it’s very implicit in “The Project”, coma on Peut le Lire dans deadline :

“Al et moi allons realized a bold cinematic adaptation of King Lear that was Australian accessible, émouvante et puissante que la Piece l’était pour ses premiers spectateurs. I love that Jessica Chastain is enjoying this adventure. La devotion que moi-même et tous ceux que je connais avons pour Le Parrain, Heat and many other films, Pacino met Shakespeare.

Ennemis jurés: Photo by Vanessa RedgraveEnnemis jurés: Photo by Vanessa RedgraveJessica Chastain in the film “Ennemis jurés”, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus”.

The idea that these chefs created “dozens plus souvenirs” in the movie in the spirit of “Shakespeare’s representation of humanity among characters and experiments.” »

Nome Lear, Rex, This new adaptation was the start of the tournament with this. Jessica Chastain a priori embodied Goneril, the girl of three girls, tandis, whom Al Pacino embodied the titular Lear. Noting what follows the premiere of Pacino and Chastain’s collaboration Wilde Salome in 2013. In any case, on the hatred of learning plus Sur ce Project au Cocktail Alléchant. Lear, Rex there was no encore, obviously.

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