Al Pacino plays William Shakespeare’s Roy Lear

British distributor, carry on Candyman (1992) or Anna Karenina (1997), “Attack of William Shakespeare’s Chef.” Il successor to Jean Luc Godard and his son King Lear since 1987 also Akira Kurosawa, who was inspired by the intrigue of the work to stage. Ran in 1985.

Al et moi allons créer un lear audacieux et cinématographique, qui sera aussi accessed, émouvant et puissant que la pièce l’était pour son public d’original. I love that Jessica Chastain is bringing us joy on this journey.

– Bernard Rose, website deadline

Dans l’intrigue d’origine, le Roy Lear – Al Pacino’s game – Prepare your succession and demand from your 3 daughters a declaration of love for Chacuna. The two of them do not hesitate to play the flattery-hypocrite game, and then that plus young one, Cordelia, makes an offer plus the most sincere words. It’s a shame that the king wants this to happen later, and this provoked the exit of the king’s son.

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Connu pour ses roles dans Le Parrin, Face with a scar OU Serpico, ce n’est pas la première fois qu’Al Pacino, played in the film adaptation of Shakespeare. Il était notamment à l’affiche du Marchand de Venice in 2004. “Australian Documentary” Finding Richard 1996, in the film “Monte la Piece” Richard III.

From Cote’s son, Jessica Chastain will receive the 2022 Oscar for Best Actress Dans les yeux de Tammy Fayeit is also important to emphasize Interstellar (2014) or The tree of Life (2011).

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