Alan Wake is so crazy that Stephen King would sign him, but the darkest thing about Bright Falls is the soporific nature of the gameplay.

In 2010, Remedy created a great atmosphere that is hampered by some repetitive mechanics.

I tried it in 2019 and couldn’t last more than two hours while controlling Alan Wake, so I was pessimistic when I decided to give the Remedy Entertainment classic a second chance. Sam Lake Developer released a remastered version of the game on Xbox in 2021, and the recent arrival of Alan Wake 2 has me venturing back into the dark woods of Bright Falls.

What could go wrong? We talked about the parents of Max Payne and Control, two games with stunning charisma, and the legend around the writer is so great that it was clear that there was gold in front of me, but I did not know how to see it; This should have been as true as a fist in 2010, but in 2024 it really stuck in my throat.

My memories of the previous game Alan Wake was a city in the northern United States, boring, full of mysteries and with Stephen King’s own setting. The master of horror in the world of novels seems to have written a script defined by Sam Lake, Mikko Rautalahti and Petri J√§rvilehto, although their influence is very noticeable.

It is impossible to find anywhere else a story that tells us how a world-famous writer isolates himself from the world during a vacation that ends in a nightmare, because his own texts become reality. Support the creation of the craziest story ever and support the genius who thought of including Barry, the lovable textbook psycho. Like a TV series of sorts, events take place in chapters with a summary of everything that happened previously so as not to lose any details.

An issue that not all developers know how to properly solve is collectibles. The medicine is given by one from lime, the other from sand with Alan Wake, since we can find manuscripts of The Departure foreshadowing future events. This a very clever way to integrate the plot into the secondary objects and that their collection is beneficial in the short term. However, coffee thermoses are forgettable and useless, unlike radio or television that broadcast Night Springs and their mind-blowing paranormal cases. If the studio set out to achieve surrealism throughout, they deserve a round of applause.

A dark presence, Alice’s disappearance, the fog enveloping Lake Cauldron, or Dr. Hartman’s evil intentions all fit into a mystery that unfolds throughout the horribly dated gameplay. Nobody warned me about this, but the truth is that Alan Wake This is an extremely repetitive title, and I’m surprised by its over-reliance on the action genre. What few doses of Survival Horror you may have will disappear due to the constant supply of resources, as we will only be able to shoot at everything that moves.

And this is not so little, since many creatures summoned by the Dark Presence appear from the surroundings of Bright Falls, so the time has come to destroy them with bullets and flashes. I have no problem with the combat dynamics being based around using a flashlight and reaching out to light sources since My complaint is directed at the lack of variety.. He reaches the sawmill and kills everything that moves; crosses the Cauldron Lake area and knocks down a huge worker; Drive around the farm and shoot down everyone who gets in your way. And so on ad infinitum and beyond, not to mention that Alan has less running endurance than I do after eating a plate of tripe.

I was surprised that the puzzles are just a joke and you never have to force your neurons to work beyond pulling the trigger, although there are exciting moments in return. Compared to Uncharted 2 a year earlier, however, the script moments are very well executed, putting Wake in difficult situations. Additionally, the work lived in a time when QTEs were the bread and butter, and it should be noted that they were barely present in the entire adventure. I understand that Alan is a writer and not a soldier, but I feel like Remedy wasn’t as precise as they could have been in constructing the gameplay.

It took about nine hours of travel from Alan Wake this was supported more by my desire to devour the second part than by the fact that the title offered me any startling incentives. The troubled novelist’s plot ends on a promising note. continuation and it is not surprising that the community demanded to know the fate of the main character. Considering the reactions with Alan Wake 2, all indications are that Sam Lake knew how to make the franchise more well-rounded. However, I will find out this answer later.

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