Alarm over deadly rat outbreak causing bleeding in eyes: 85 people have died

A deadly rat outbreak keeps the authorities very concerned Nigeria. For now 85 people died. These rodents after transfer Lassa fever, They cause bleeding in the eyes. As of February 18, about 2,600 people had been infected in the African country, according to the latest report from the Nigeria Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nigeria is exterminating rats in an attempt to curb the phenomenon deadly virus. According to WHO, Lassa virus is one of the pathogens most likely to cause a pandemic, along with Ebola, Covid-19 and Zika. World Health Organization (WHO).

“Our goal is to reduce the outbreak so that it cannot spread to any other state,” said Nigeria’s Minister of State for the Environment. Isiak Salako. “We are embarking on pest control and raising awareness at the community level as part of preventive measures. We are mainly implementing measures to ensure mass pest control to reduce the population of vectors that cause the disease,” he said.

The mortality rate is usually 1%.

During the winter months, more cases of Lassa fever are detected. This virus causes headache, sore throat, muscle pain, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea and cough. Except, one of five People with this disease suffer from it so severely that it causes bleeding from the eyes, nose, mouth and vagina. This can cause seizures, facial swelling and hearing loss, which partially returns after three months.

Lassa fever symptoms may take some time to appear 21 days to appear. In the most severe patients, death occurs within two weeks. Most people infected with the virus never develop symptoms, and the overall mortality rate is is 1%. However, for people hospitalized with the disease, this figure rises to 15%, so early diagnosis and treatment are critical.

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