Albert Girones brings together three projects in the film “This Light Between the Mountains”

The resident artist brings an exhibition to the Espai d’Art i Creació Can Manyé in Alella.

He January 19 The opening of the exhibition will take place at 19:00. This light between the mountains in that Espai d’Art i Creació Can Manyé de Alella. Its author is a researcher and visual artist. Albert Gironesand he worked on part of the project as a resident Sant Andreu Modern V Fabra and Coats: Creative Factory.

This light between the mountains It consists of three Gironès projects over the past six years: The final theory (2018-2020), Rosary of meaninglessness (2020-2022) and Miracle of the Sun (2022-2023).

Regarding the latter, that is, what he created mainly in Fabre, the artist explains: “In April 2022, I witnessed an amazing solar phenomenon that I had never seen before. I was looking for information and realized that I had witnessed a solar miracle. According to physics, this is solely due to a subjective and unconscious neuropsychological process that develops between the eyes and the visual cortex, which occurs when looking at the sun continuously for several minutes. My project involves creating the first video recording of this hallucination, or divine connection.”

You can visit the exhibition Until March 3a day when at 12 noon there will be a conversation and observation of the Sun with Astroalella, Agrupació d’Astronomia d’Alella.

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