album “assez différent” and tour in 2024!

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As he sings in the 2019 single, it will never end! Katy Perry has finally arrived for her “Play” residency, which will be in Las Vegas after the end of 2021. More than anything else! Indeed, if she doesn’t miss an album in four years, the singer will remain extremely popular. The pop star reportedly has 60.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is the 28th most streamed artist in the world. In 2024, the composer appealed to the gloomy audience, and in 2024, her virgin signed son made a grand musical comeback. Deja, the latest performances in Las Vegas, to help Celine DionKaty Perry, a laisser sous-constant au public que son Sixième opus allait bientôt voir le jour: “ If you want to hear the songs “Witness” or “Smile”, you also need to upload (sixth album) ” It is asked to confirm that the source is appropriate to The Sun. With Katy Perry’s informant ” album travaille sur son le plus ” : ” Elle fait ça selon ses propres context et c’est assez différent de tout ce qu’elle a fait jusqu’ici

The Dailymotion player is on the charging train…

“Il ya beaucoup de demande”

And so the fans will be happy, this new album will be a big world tour, the premiere after the “Witness Tour” in 2018! ” After spending great times on the west coast of Etats-Unis, he is ready to tour. “I promise my son the surroundings: ” You have a variety of in-demand cars and pipes. The fair going along the routes brings a sensation! Wait until the end of 2024 (on tour) but everything will be an encore à l’étude ” Il ya quelques mois, interpreter of “Roar”, confiscated the déjà sur ce nouveau of the discographic project: “ Je n’ai rien sorti later my petite chérie Daisy (her girl was born in August 2020, ndlr). (…) 3 years. Je vais revenir, mais laissez-moi faire proprement les chooses

The release of Katy Perry’s premiere album after “Smile”, released in August 2020, simultaneously with the birth of her daughter. I missed the singles “Never Really Over” or “Daisies” so I watched the commercial. However, the name “Harleys in Hawaii” has recently seen a resurgence in popularity on TikTok. De quoi lui redonner le smile!

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