Alcorcon undermines Mirandes’ attacking play

The first half left us with a very clear picture of the game. He Mirandes took the initiative into his own hands, created football and chances. He Alcorcon, with a set of losses in the offensive, was a more closed and small-block team that tried to be tactically organized and compact in defense. “El Mirandes” was rock and roll, and “Alcorcon” was a very slow ballad.

Ilyas Chaira, Carlos Martin And Gabri They created football and scoring opportunities in the Boar attack. Ilyas would have tried first in the eighth minute, but his shot went over the crossbar. Then it would be chaff from outside the territory. Carlos MartinAbout half an hour later he also tried his luck, but his shot went wide of the post.

Of the few moments in Alcorcon’s attack in the first 45 minutes, these were Artola, one of the new additions to the Eleven Potters, but its auction was rejected. The worst for Mirandez would come in the final minutes. At 40, Marton’s injury who had to be replaced by Godoy after he badly injured his left ankle. And at 42, goal disallowed for Gabri Martinez because during the pass the ball completely flew over the end line. By the break the score had not changed.

After the restart, Alcorcon warned twice. First with the ball hitting the crossbar Victor Garcia after touching the defender. Then a right-handed ball that almost went wide and didn’t find the striker. Alcorcon seemed to take a step forward. Gabri Alcorcon responded with a shot to the near post, but Anaker He kept it very carefully. Alcorcon defended forward and created opportunities with lateral crosses. Mirandes wanted a more consistent game, but it was much more subdued than in the first half. Alcorcon defended more intensely and with higher lines.

And this intensity bore fruit. In ’64 he stole the ball from Juanma in the three-quarter zone and a combination with the right lane ending with a throw Victor Garcia After the rebound from Juanma’s shot, the ball hits the goal net. However, the judge annulled the decision for offside. Nafti He expected more in attack with the departure Addai.

Alcorcon did it all over again. Eteki He made a good shot that stopped Ramon Juan. This throw was followed by two more potters who did not find the gate at their feet Victor Garcia And Quintilla. Alcorcon prevented the wild boars from playing football and did not allow them to switch from defense to attack again and again. Artola With his back to the defense, he managed to unload and play well in attack. The Potters seized the initiative and sought to open the scoring.

In expansion Addai had it from the terrain side after recovery from Obieta but his shot went very high. The Ghanaian scored a goal in the 97th minute in the penalty area, but sent the ball over the crossbar.

There was no time for more. One part for each team. Alcorcon was able to recover from a poor first half and the referee disallowed a goal for each team. In the end Alcorcon deserved a little more than the opponent, but the distribution of points was not unfair.

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Alan Godoy (40 minutes, Javier Marton), Emmanuel Addai (69′, Juanma Bravo), Alvaro Sanz (76′, Carlos Martin), Pedro Mosquera (78′, Javi Lara), Ivan Durdov (84′, Alan Godoy), Koldo Obieta (87′, Juan Artola)


Referee: Miguel Sesma Espinosa
VAR Referee: Aitor Gorostegui Fernandez Ortega, Adrian Diaz Gonzalez
Gabriel Martinez (95 minutes, Yellow)


Classification P.T. PJ P.G. Emergency PP

23 twenty one 6 5 10

22 twenty one 5 7 9

twenty one 22 5 6 eleven
twenty one

fifteen twenty one 3 6 12

fifteen twenty one 3 6 12
Classification P.T. PJ P.G. Emergency PP

thirty twenty one 8 6 7

thirty twenty one 8 6 7

29 22 7 8 7

28 twenty one 7 7 7

26 twenty one 6 8 7

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