ALERT! Licha Cervantes suffered a spectacular injury with Chivas Femenil

Women’s Mx League

The stellar forward of Guadalajara commanded the comeback of the Flock, but suffered an injury due to a circumstantial situation on the pitch.


In Chivas Femenil the alarms went off because during the match against Santos corresponding to matchday 3 of the Clausura 2023 its most important player, Alicia Cervantes suffered a spectacular injury that it could be delicate, although that will be confirmed in the next few hours.

Licha has become a benchmark for the Guadalajara team due to his great novelty, love and commitment to the rojiblanca institution since he arrived at the club in 2020. However, in this 2023, the Predator showed that it came in a great soccer novel by scoring six goals after three games played.

El Rebaño began by losing the duel against Santos, but the historical goalscorer of the Flock put the team on her shoulder and commanded the comeback; However, on the second target, he tapatía suffered an injury to his right knee due to the fact that said limb got stuck in the TSM grass while sweeping to be able to reach said ball, which was worth the three points.

Licha immediately requested the intervention of medical assistance, who immediately reviewed it, but requested the entry of the cart of misfortunes to be able to remove it from the field of play; although the dramatic scene arose because Cervantes left in tears, increasing the concern of the fans.

What is the diagnosis of Licha’s injury?

The Flock’s medical staff decided not to risk the attacker, so she did not return to the field of play; Nevertheless, just like what happened with Alexis Vegathe doctors They would let a few hours go by to later carry out the corresponding tests to know exactly the severity of the injury and the time it would take for the Predator to return to the courts.

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