Alexandra Daddario grabbing cereal in shorts is ‘gorgeous’

Alexandra Daddario’s fans have rallied around her since an old social media photo of her was reposted on an Instagram fan account last month. On April 26, fans got a reminder of what the 38-year-old actress looks like off the red carpet, and the atmosphere couldn’t be more low-key as she was photographed candidly, without makeup, and appearing to be recording a bowl of evening cereal. Showcasing her toned legs in skimpy shorts and wearing a comfy outfit, White Lotus The loved one stunned fans who called her “beautiful” and “gorgeous” as they filled the comments section with love.

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Alexandra Daddario can’t see her red carpet dress

Find a photo. Seemingly caught off guard when she was photographed with her mouth open and looking a little surprised, Alexandra sat half-crouched, half-knelt on the kitchen counter, holding a ceramic bowl with a spoon in it.

Showing off her toned legs but not posing at all, the Dior ambassador looked cozy in her gray gauze shorts, which she paired with a stylish blue denim T-shirt with a decorative chest pocket. Going makeup-free and showing off her natural beauty, Daddario highlighted her famous blue eyes, as well as her clear complexion and rosy cheeks.

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Slicking her hair back and posing barefoot, Alexandra gave off the most casual vibe, and it looks like her fans aren’t fussing about the fact that she wasn’t in a tailored dress and dressed up to nine. “Great,” one user responded. “Alex, you are beautiful, sweet and perfect in your natural state,” said another. Fans also sent her long heart emojis. “The best place in the kitchen?” one wrote cheerfully.

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Stunning in a bikini for sunbathing on the lake

In June 2022, Alexandra made headlines for a lakeside photoshoot in which she was joined by sister Catherine Daddario as they both rocked mint green and white swimsuits while channeling Aerie looks. Stunningly lying on her stomach and soaking up the sun on the lakeside, Alexandra showed off her stunning figure in a plunging two-piece swimsuit, flaunting her shiny hair and looking relaxed. Daddario is now signed to a slew of brands, mostly representing Dior, but also occasionally influencing Alo Yoga and Aerie.

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Bombshell from “Baywatch” in a bikini

Dadadrio famously pumped up his muscles for the 2017 film Baywatchand this photo shows the results of her grueling workouts.

“I started training with Patrick Murphy, this wonderful trainer from Los Angeles. Strength training helped me feel stronger, especially in my back, which didn’t hurt as much. Women should pay attention to this if they have not done so before,” the actress said Muscles and fitness. “I do a lot of yoga. I think it’s not only beneficial physically but also emotionally,” she added about how she stays in shape after filming the film.

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