Alexis Vega once again rejected Toluca

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The Red Devils made him an offer so that Gru could make the decision himself, which he would have kept silent about.

Alexis Vega misses his last chance in Toluca
© IMAGO 7Alexis Vega misses his last chance in Toluca

Quality Alexis Vega This cannot be denied, which is why some Liga MX clubs have tried to convince him to take over his services since he is no longer in the squad. Chivas planswhere one of them was Toluca, a team he had recently rejected for ignoring the latest offer made by the Mexicans.

Despite the fact that the Scarlet Board openly declared a few days ago that there was nothing try to restore Vega, however, the “red devils” asked about him; however, The high salary he receives in the Pack has demotivated the Mexicans. and they did not enter into further conversations with the people of the red and white detachment.

However, the football player and his entourage understand that their position in negotiations with kiverio would be counterproductive in the medium term, so they analyzed the last proposal that Toluca made to them, This was reported by TV Azteca reporter Alejandro Ramirez.

“The people of Guadalajara are saying, ‘We’re going to stretch to the limit and to the limit.’ In general, that’s what they say Alexis Vega in a pensive part and they say that so far, If he manages to talk to Toluca this weekend before they start their first match, they’ll tell him, “You’re coming here.” But I have already seen that they are negotiating with someone else.

“The only three clubs he has joined so far, in order of appearance: Toluca, Cruz Azul and San Jose Earthquakes from MLS. When San Jose is offered to him, he says he wants Miami or Los Angeles. He is struggling in this final stage which He has 20 million pesos left in Guadalajara.— the communicator explained.

How to prevent FIFA from punishing Chivas?

To ensure that the Guadalajara government does not risk receiving any sanctions, it is necessary integrate Alexis Vega into regular training with the main team and pay him on time And the form. FIFA does not force the Pack to play its player with whom he is in conflict.

When will Chivas participate in the 2024 Clausura?

After Liga MX officially unveiled the competition calendar, it was confirmed that Guadalajara will make a presentation at the next tournament on this day Saturday, Jan. 13, on the field at Akron Stadium. the day they get Santos Laguna.

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