Alianza Lima and eleven influential people who will be with Alejandro Restrepo with new reinforcements

With the latest acquisition of Cecilio Waterman, coach Alejandro Restrepo will have a solid starting XI with his 2024 signings in mind.

Eleven people Alejandro Restrepo could line up with Alianza Lima’s 2024 recruits | Composition: Libero

Alianza Lima made an official statement about the signing of the Panamanian forward. Cecilio Waterman for the 2024 season, which joins the numerous efforts of the blue and white team to become the protagonist of Ligue 1 and the Libertadores Cup.

In the middle of the preseason, the Victoria team worked 100% under the leadership of the Colombian coach. Alejandro Restrepo which also states what the first eleven players will be like in the 2024 season. What could Alianza Lima’s squad be like with the new players?

Firstly, it should be clear that the 41-year-old strategist will use a 3-5-2 formation as his main formation. Thus, Freites, Ramos and Garces will become part of the defensive line; D’Arrigo and Reina on the flanks; Arregui and Cabellos in midfield; while Gabriel Costa, Kevin Serna and Waterman could form part of the Blue and White’s attack.

Possible eleven members of the Lima Alliances with new reinforcements

Angelo Campos, Juan Pablo Freites, Giovani Ramos, Renzo Garces, Jamir D’Arrigo, Adrian Arregui, Catriel Cabellos, Brian Reyna, Gabriel Costa, Kevin Serna, Cecilio Waterman.

Cecilio Waterman had his first training session with Alianza Lima in Matuta.

Who will be Alianza Lima’s new player in 2024?

  • Renzo Garces
  • Kevin Serna
  • Adrian Arregui
  • Katrielle Cabellos
  • Giovani Ramos
  • Juan Pablo Freites
  • Jamir D’Arrigo
  • Cecilio Waterman

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