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Unbelievable but true, there is a trend that has not given in to the postulates of Y2K aesthetics: Eyebrows Straight Brow. Let’s take advantage while we can, because there are those who predict that the ultra-fine and arched eyebrows of the early two thousand (which we see today in photographs and make us deny), will become fashionable again. But for now, we are safe. Meanwhile, our goal is set on those bushy and straight eyebrows one of those that women like Natalie Portman show off, and that are perfect for giving a touch of personality and strength to faces with sweeter features. Well defined, thick and slightly ascending towards the temple area, (yes, just like Bella Hadid’s), they acquire a profile that is not always easy to achieve, especially if the shape of your eyebrow is rounded. But don’t be afraid, in the era of tutorials for everything, there is also a remedy to mold them to your liking.

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All these products are the best to fill, draw and fix the eyebrows

sculpting them

Our tools will not be the chisel and the chisel, but the tweezers, some small scissors and the eyebrow brush. The first thing we should do is comb them with the goupillon to see what shape they really have. At this point, we can minimally trim those hairs that protrude from the upper line of the eyebrow, to promote its straight profile. We will also bet on removing with the tweezers the hair that tends to go down in the outer area, that of the eyebrow finish, but without going too far, since we are not interested in keeping it too short. The final shape can be corrected with makeup. And if you are not a friend of the tweezers, you can also practice the technique of dermaplaningas the TikTok user and makeup artist does @themegscahill:

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paint and color

Once we have achieved the desired shape, we can promote it through makeup. At this point, and apart from the classic advice, such as using an eyebrow pencil of the same shade as ours to fill in and shape them or products that contain fibers to make them appear thicker, as well as fixing gels so that they do not move one iota once they are finished, we have to turn again to that source of wisdom that is TikTok. The great fashion trick is to place a piece of paper or, better yet, a disposable eyeshadow protector (don’t play it with adhesive tape, as it can be very harmful to the skin, always go for products designed for the face) just below the eyebrow, parallel, so you can draw a straight line and apply makeup. You will see that when you remove the paper, as happens to the tiktoker @natseleen_, the remaining hair of your eyebrow continues to peek out from under it. Don’t worry, you can camouflage it with concealer like she does:

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