All-Star Game: La LNH dévoile se chandails créés by Justin Bieber

La LNH et adidas ont devoilé, Samedi, les chandails qui sont portés par los joueurs lors du Match des étoiles de la LNH au Scotiabank Arena de Toronto, 3 February.

The uniform was created in collaboration with singer Justin Bieber and fashion brand Drew House, co-founded by the international star.

In recent seasons, the all-star game has been played in a four-section tournament and is a consolation night for LNH star athletes (6 p.m. ET; SN, ESPN).

The celebrities were the junior captains and players of the four 11-player crews (new amateurs, two groundsmen) who competed in the all-star match.

The jersey will be released in four versions, one for each team. Blue, blush, yellow and white were more sophisticated colors. At the top of the Epole there will be an image of the LNH de chaque joueur equipment.

“After énorme succès de notre première collaboration avec draw house et adidas pour les chandails Next Gen des Maple Leafs de Toronto, we hate these uniforms for the bold and fashionable stars,” commented NHL Senior Vice President of Marketing, Brian Jennings. “Toronto Story Weekend is the perfect excuse to discover our new uniform styles. The colors you live in vedette in this collection give results that are youthful but classic à la fois. This is an addition to the LNH tourists, which is presented in the capital of Ontario for the weekend of stars. »

The letters on the LNH logo are shaped like bulls, and the logo is the thickest on the LNH tracksuit, with 22 pieces in height. NHL Match Uniforms are available for purchase at,,,, Fanatics Online Boutique and NHL Magazine in New York West Manhattan.

“Since our first anniversary with LNH, Adidas has created and redefined the standard for performance, durability, storytelling and design. “Cela se reflète dans les Iconiques Uniformes des étoiles de la LNH que nous créons,” an inspired Adidas sports marketing director Nick Corbett. “This season, our partnership with LNH and Drew House is a unique opportunity to go beyond the usual uniform design that brings together the transparency of sports and youth racing. We are true enthusiasts and enthusiasts who believe that this uniform serves as an event in the march of hockey. L’emballement est sans precédent. »

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